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I am outraged by the abject cowardice displayed by the Bubba Gestapo, this kid has shown that he has more honor and strength of conviction than the average person twice his age. I am glad that for once, we have pulled together in support of Damon. These deluded theocrats must be fought and show that we will not back down.
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@JY Bullshit! What atheist's strictly adhere to is what is ACTUALLY true. Not vagueries, not perceptions, not what makes us feel good but what is objectively true. Why is this so hard for the intellectually dishonest to understand?
Toggle Commented Apr 1, 2011 on Atheists and Anger at Greta Christina's Blog
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Ms.Hecht, you have pretty much hit the proverbial nail upon it's aching head. To lament for times long past is the sign of a mind seduced by prejudice and privilege. Ironically, as a poet of color (whatever that really means) I am criticized for putting my humanity first and this is seen by some in the Latino and American Black community as sacrilege. In short, I see the same useless tribalism as you did in that troglodyte's poem. I hope we all one day realize that we are all human... is now following The Typepad Team
Mar 5, 2011