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My son is 8 months and I work 4 days a week. I have a really hard time pumping enough while he is gone, so I usually feed from one side starting with his goodnight feeding, and by the time we're up in the morning, I can empty the other breast and send him off to daycare with that. Whatever I'm able to pump during the day before goes with him as well, and the rest they supplement with solid food, which we don't feed him at home except on weekends. I have noticed cycles with my supply (including one horrible night early on when I realized I had no milk and gave him applesauce (!) instead), but it always resolves. I do find that keeping up the pumping at least twice a day - even if it's only for a few minutes with my hand pump - helps keep things on an even keel.
I love what everyone has written. I also had a mixed childhood, and the unhappiness I remember mostly came from my parents' unhappiness. So I think that if my husband and I take care of ourselves, and each other, and make sure we are following our own bliss, our son will benefit greatly. When my son was first born, I thought a lot about what my parents hadn't done for me. I came to the conclusion that they had given me everything they could, in terms of knowledge and life skills, but there were many things they didn't have and so couldn't pass on (like the ability to tell someone when they're angry, instead of blowing up at them, or the ability to talk about negative feelings at all). This helped me feel so much more compassionate toward my parents, and also lead me to think about what skills *I* don't have, and whether I can develop them or find other ways for my son to learn them. All that is to say that I think passing on emotional skills is really important in helping a child be happy - enabling them to trust their emotions, express them, and connect with others emotionally. Most of that is done by modeling that behavior, which for me is the hardest work of parenting. Great question!