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Good one. ROFL@ the weasel/stoat wordplay. Brilliant!
"...and for those of you who don't know The Jam, well, really!" Eh... umm... well, really, indeed. Lucky for me this is the 21st century and there's Google, Wikipedia, and YouTube to fall back on. *whew!* I have now been suitably enlightened.
Hello, David! The coin prizes from the last THoE giveaway have been shipped (finally!) And I'm only eight days from experiencing some English history, firsthand! My weeklong metal detecting trip to Essex begins on November 2. Naturally there's another giveaway contest in celebration, if you or any of your listeners are interested. Video and details here: I'll probably do some catchup with the THoE podcast while I'm on the plane. Cheers!
Toggle Commented Oct 24, 2013 on The Audio Bookshop at The History of England
PS- glad I didn't crack an Elvis joke, as I see now that someone beat me to it.
F- survived to this day, and later became known as Boy George in the 1980s?
No comments here? Hm. I thought it was an interesting episode. Hoarse monks and pimple metaphors added much-needed levity to otherwise heavy topics like the Black Death and famine. Wit and wisdom- a nice mix.
Toggle Commented Oct 6, 2013 on 89 The Great Famine at The History of England
Oh, hey- check out my latest and greatest newp! (No, a "newp" is not an salamander-like amphibian. 'Tis coin geek-speak for a "new purchase".)
Toggle Commented Aug 24, 2013 on 100 Theatres of War at The History of England
Aha! *Ghent* So, David, you've finally *Ghent* become a Giffer, have you? *Ghent*Ghent* Brilliant! *Ghent* I've not climbed that particular rung of the *Ghent*Ghent*Ghent* technological *Ghent* ladder *Ghent*Ghent* yet. *Ghent*Ghent*Ghent*Ghent*Ghent*
Toggle Commented Aug 24, 2013 on 100 Theatres of War at The History of England
No, no need to "keep stumm". (I had to look that one up.) Announce it as you see fit. I will launch the Collectors Universe threads soon. So we will go with my first suggestion, as you say. This means it will be for donors only. Two drawings. First place winner gets to pick one of the two prizes, and the second place winner gets the prize that's left. I'll just need donor names from you by the end of August, and the email addresses of the two winners so I can get their snailmails for shipping. I just gave away a 1789 gold half-guinea on Collectors Universe, as it happens: But that was a special circumstance, to thank MY donors who are sending me to your Green & Pleasant Land to dig in the dirt for buried goodies. I should be in England November 2-9, and I understand it is neither terribly green or pleasant then. I expect I shall have a damp and muddy time of it, in fact. But if I can pop some medieval silver pennies and Roman denarii and maybe a Cunobelin stater out of that mud, all of the physical discomfort will be quickly forgotten!
Jack the Ripper for sure! Or Burke and Hare? (Oh, wait a sec... were they Scots? Out here in the "Colonies", we can't always keep you UK types sorted out, y'know.) Surprised ol' Ollie Cromwell didn't make anybody's list? On the other side of the coin, I guess Charlie the First gets a little sympathy for having lost his head, and perhaps Richard III is also undergoing a rehabilitation now that we've dug him up?
OK, so it's to run through July and August, then. You mentioned "ordinary donors" and "competition guys". What's the competition? Guess I'm too far behind. I just started in with Episode 89, but now that I listen to you on the go, I'm catching up rapidly! BTW, congrats in advance on your upcoming 100th episode! Re. the new coin giveaway- I could make one "first place" drawing and that person will get to pick which of the two prizes he or she prefers. Then the "second place" winner will get the remaining prize. OR... would you like the "first prize" (first choice) drawing to be for the donors, and then the remaining "second prize" (second choice) drawing could be drawn from July & August's commenters?
Psst- David- let me know what you think. (Oh- I still have that Victoria medal I promised you... somewhere. Bet you forgot all about it, anyway. But next time it turns up I'll get 'round to shipping it.)
Oh, and by the way, re. your secondhand Audible recommendation of Bill Bryson's "At Home". I TOTALLY agree with that recommendation, from personal experience. I DEVOURED that book. It was the one that turned me on to Bryson in the first place, and I've since read all but one or two of his books. And this was one of his best! You really MUST read it before you get up to the Industrial Revolution and Victoria's reign in this podcast. It is fascinating and very revealing about what it was like to live before there were the modern conveniences we all take for granted. Not just in the obvious ways you'd think of, either (like electricity). I recommend it right back at you! Read it before your podcast reaches modern times!
Hello again, David. Re. your self-deprecating "hack in a shed" comment, I'll have you know you're my favorite hack in all the sheds in Christendom, so do keep at it, good sir. I have visions of some lovely, bucolic, setting for that shed, actually, as I frequently hear bits of British birdsong in the background of your dialog. Makes me imagine something like those sham "ruins" or "follies" those 18th century toffs would put up on their estates. I think of your shed as being a replica of one of those monk's cells or something, with a lovely bit of garden beyond. (No need to spoil it for me mentioning all the bits of wire and electronic equipment and that rusty spade and lawnmower in the corner, eh?) Just recently figured out how to actually load this stuff onto an MP3 player and listen on the go. (Up 'til now I've listened from the website.) How wonderful that practically every THoE episode I've listened to since has been just the right length for my daily commute, from job to driveway or vice versa. And your warm voice is far more soothing than the average American commercial radio DJ's. I'd probably listen if you did nothing more than read the telephone directory for Nether Wallop, Great Snoring, Licky End, or one of those other very British places.
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Jun 26, 2013