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Limor Shiponi
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Interesting read, thanks. What is most interesting about it is the struggle to define, to grasp an identity, to find the language, terminology maybe. The other interesting thing is the impact a real discussion has on it's participants. You have softened as I scrolled down. That's good. There is a lot of confusion which is totally understandable but not yet kindly accepted even by story practitioners. This term 'story practitioners' points in that direction. So does 'Radical' or for the purpose of this discussion 'Purple' or 'Organizational' or any other adjective which tries to create a unique/branded/packaged/positioned/you get the point identity. I know the frustration first hand and I can tell you it is the trouble of our own making. There is a solution though. Since this discussion has triggered my desire to write something longer about the subject, which will not happen right now, I'll just place a thought here: If you meet me and want to know me, what will be your best chance to get an answer which will satisfy you? what will be my best chance to really present myself to you in a way that will satisfy your need to know me? is that different from my need?
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Apr 16, 2010