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Shirin Merrick
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As a Muslim I would like to say that there are a vast number of predispositions about Muslims and honor killings are one of them. There are extremists in every race, culture and religion. I cannot express how misunderstood Islam is. It preaches peace and peace for all those who enter it. If an extremist decides to act foolishly under the misconception that by doing so, they are following some religious law, they are the ones who will one day repent and not all Muslims should be judged and categorized for their actions, just as not all Americans or Christians would get a bad name or misconception due to American rapists for example. I really hope that you will practice freedom of speech and that the voice of an insider on Islam can be heard.
Toggle Commented Aug 5, 2010 on Free Your Mind at Leave Islam
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Aug 5, 2010