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Shirleymaya Tan
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The journey and story of KSK is one that is written with blood, sweat, tears, love, kindness, and the conviction that WE WILL NOT LEAVE ANYONE BEHIND TO STARVE IN THE STREETS...not on KSK's WATCH. I "HEART" TEAM KSK!!!
Ok, I have finally found something in common between my dad and Rinpoche. My dad loves UFOs, Loch Ness, and all these mysteries. He even took us all to Loch Ness and we sat there waiting for hours for Nessie to appear. Of course, Nessie did not appear. I had just turned 18 years old then. We had a great family holiday around Scotland. One of my favourite memories. Then while I was studying in the USA, he made me buy him all kinds of UFO videos and documentaries :)
The YELLOW HAT MASTER IN A BOX - only KMP can do this so well! Now, this is what I call a SACRED KIND OF COOL!!! Yes, make way for the new type of coolness - SACRED COOL!
Toggle Commented Jun 19, 2010 on NEW TSONGKAPA BOX SET!!!!! at Tsem Tulku Rinpoche
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Jun 19, 2010