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Interests: personal development, kayaking, skiing, reading, cinema, cooking, surfing, writing
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Mar 15, 2010
Reading this late Kirsten, hope it all went well for you and you're recuperating well.
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Hi Kirsten, I've been away from the blogosphere for a while, but catching up now, and so enjoying your fabulous affirmations. So many of the recent ones resonate deeply with me, but then I always did find just what I needed whenever I dropped by here : ) Best of luck with the op, hope all goes well for you.
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Hi Kirsten, I totally agree! Intuition is not a gender based privilege, but is universally available to all if we'd just learn to listen to the whispers and trust them. It can be scary at first, if you're not in the habit of it, but once you allow yourself to be regularly guided by your intuition life gets so much easier. And there's nothing more encouraging when going through uncertain times than being supported by a strong sense of just knowing everything will be ok, even if right now you can't fathom how that will be. Intuition is the business! all the best, Hilda.
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