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I agree with what Datuk May wrote - IT IS VERY EASY to practise generosity with Rinpoche. In fact, I dare say that generosity is totally effortless in Rinpoche and spontaneous. As also with compassion and care. These are spontaneous qualities and actions in Rinpoche. It is very moving to see how much thought and effort people put into choosing their gifts for Rinpoche. It is never about the size or price. It is always about the heart that goes into each gift. I am very happy to say that there are many generous Kecharians around. Individuals like Datin Jennifer, Paris and Monlam have been always been very supportive and helpful towards Rinpoche and Kechara, as a whole. Yes, we truly adore them and are deeply grateful for their consistent kindness.
More than anything else, Rinpoche loves giving gifts to others. And always, Rinpoche will offer all the gifts that he has received - big or small, to his personal altar first. In this way, the givers of the gifts will be blessed and collect the merits. To make offerings that directly helps the Lama equates to helping the Lama in making the Dharma grow. WIthout the Lama, there can be no Dharma in the first place. Hence, the giver or sponsor will collect a lot of merits and receive tremendous blessings in return. It is always very touching to see how people show their gratitude and care towards Rinpoche through the things that they care to do or give their own Guru. From something as simple as a hand written card to everything that we see above. The most important thing is that we always remember to show our care and gratitude to those who have benefited us. It is indeed a truly heart warming gesture receive care of any kind.
I truly rejoice for Lili! Lili is so amazingly talented and beautiful! Everything that she touches turns into immaculate works of art. With her being in KSA, we will sure see more wonderful things arise. Congratulations, Lili - you have made the best decision that will not only benefit you life after life, but also to those around you. That is the beauty of Dharma - within and without!
This is indeed great news! Finally, corporate organizations are taking a responsible role in the community by involving their staff in community work. Companies that are committed to serving their community or environment are companies which care beyond the bottom line, their KPI and annual sales quota, etc. As KSK grows in publicity and popularity, the homeless and less fortunate benefit even more. I am very happy to see multi national corporations like Philip Morris getting involved with KSK. KSK IS DEFINITELY DOING A LOT OF GOOD!
Oh wow, this is really heart warming to know. Thank you, Martin and Justin. I am sure Kamalrul is glad to be heading home soon. Many people are stranded in the city and are homeless for a variety of reasons. Many people are sometimes too embarrassed to even go back home as they were supposed to come to the city and get jobs. There are too many sad stories from the streets. It is very encouraging to have NGOs like KSK and wonderful volunteers like Martin who go the extra mile for a good cause. Helping someone's life is always a good cause. Like Rinpoche always say, "Doing good never gets tired. Never gets old."
Pat's one of many Kechara's Wonder Women - warm, kind, multi talented and with such a great generous heart. Spark-Ling described Pat absolutely so well! She does come in a package of wonderful things!
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I know a lot of people will argue that humans have to eat to survive so it is natural. Some may even say that the animals kill and eat themselves, so humans eating them is no different. I believe there is a big difference. Animals do not have any choice. They rely on their instincts to hunt and kill since no one is going to be taking care of them. Humans have intelligence. Well, most humans do anyways. We always have choice, far more choice than animals. When we don't exercise our choices well and compassionately, I guess, then we are really acting like animals and are no longer humans. Every time someone eats meat, they have assisted in killing that animal. The blood is very much also in their hands. It may not be something that most people want to acknowledge, but it is the truth.
KSK has indeed come a long way from 2006. It never ceases to amaze me and inspire me what stories KSK will share every week. There is always somehow always a happy ending despite the grim reality on the streets. I think this is perhaps what summarises KSK best - it makes the happy endings from all the sad stories in the streets. We may not always win, but we surely will do our part in serving the society. And that part is to keep the hope real and alive in the streets where it is most needed. Kechara is all about Real Life Action Dharma. Thank you, Star for always being so supportive. It is immensely helpful to have the media do their part in contributing to the causes in our city. We all can do our little part for sure. Then, together, it becomes a big difference. Rinpoche, what will we ever do without you? You have benefited us and so many Malaysians just by being in our lives, our country and our world. Thanks to you, most of all. Nothing would have been possible without you, first and foremost. With all our love, always.
These are gorgeous living spaces that connect us with the environment outside, bringing the views within to without and vice versa. Yes, I'd love to be living in the room depicted in the first picture without the mozzies! All I'll add is that all the glass walls can be "flexible", i.e. can be opened up, or out, then it can become make it a glass pavilion or a room - flexible in all sense for the modern adaptable dynamic lifestyle. A nice fire place for the cooler nights would be an added bonus. KWPC, here we come!
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There are no more words, only deeds left to show. There is no more running, hiding or denying As the truth has already been shown Many numerous times to us all Those who believe will go all the way Will never be left behind Those who trust in YOU Will become the Light onto themselves But those who don't Sad to say Will have to bear their own consequence We are so foolish to waste our lives away We are so silly to think That better pastures lie beyond Our Guru, Buddha, Dharma and Sangha How many more years do we have at hand? Will we always be this fortunate? Perhaps never again. Thank you for sharing this deeply moving and painfully honest post, Rinpoche.
My goodness, it is SO NOT easy to stay still when one is so excited. Especially for a doggie who is so happy about going out. Mumu is reall well trained and very obedient. *RESPECT*
Toggle Commented Jul 20, 2010 on Mumu Goes Bye Bye! at Tsem Tulku Rinpoche
This should be a mandatory read for everyone and I do mean, everyone. In fact, it'd be great for all the Human Resource Departments in every company to send this out to all their employees. They should even print it out and have it posted into their Bulletin Board in places like the pantry and drink dispenser where people normally congregate and chat. No one really enjoys their work. We see it as a necessary evil. Necessary because it feeds the lifestyle we want to maintain. Only a select few can actually say that they love their work. This is, sadly, only a minority. In this post, Rinpoche has spelt out very clearly that it only takes a shift in our perspectives. Change our thought patterns and we will start enjoying our work as much as our playtime. At the end of the day, the reason why so many people are stressed at work and seeking pyschiatric treatement even, is because they are so unhappy at work. Imagine a change of mind set changes everything.
This is a beautiful and meaningful video that conveys the message of what KWPC is all about. I especially like the part where Rinpoche talks about KWPC. I believe more and more people need to hear it from the CREATOR in order to understand what KWPC means and how it relates to each of them. "Alone, we cannot do it. Together, we can!" I love this! It allows me to get involved and be a part of something greater than myself. What's more - this will last beyond me. It'll benefit many generations to come. Now, who would not want to be part this legacy?
I echo what Andrew said about learning from this blog. I certainly learnt more from this blog than all the years that I have spent in school - all the way to college. This lady proves again that life is best lived through giving and helping others. What a fantastic story! Whoever said that monks do not know life because they have not seen much of life by being stuck in monasteries ARE ALL SO SO WRONG! In actual fact, monks may know more about life than those who apparently live their lives to the fullest! The greatest teachers are those who teach from their own experiences, because they understand each subject matter personally. Rinpoche is such a teacher! That is why we all love him so and are happily learning from him. By the way, I really like the Chit Messages. It's really cool. Type Pad does have a lot of functions. Rinpoche is always improving!
Tha panels are so beautiful. They are well designed and the text is well written. All of them looked go wonderful at the Sunway Ballroom. So many people waited in line to take pictures with Rinpoche on these panels. They certainly enriched the whole ambience of the event last night!
Toggle Commented Jul 19, 2010 on Kechara on display at Tsem Tulku Rinpoche
I still cannot get over how graceful and "in the mode" Tat Ming was, playing the swan. I dare say he stopped playing at some point and became the swan. He was truly superb! I would have thought that he took lessons when he was young! Wai Meng was, er....hating every minute? HAHAHA. I think he had to just let go and enjoy himself in the end! Hahaha. What a great sport! Even Fat Monk looked like he totally enjoyed himself. I think the testament of their success came, after the whole show. Everyone lined up to take pictures with them. EVERYONE!!! They were all mobbed! The Wanna-Be Girls and Swans were like celebrity stars, swamped by their adoring fans - young and old, men and women! This is truly Dharma, Kechara Style! With a hip, cool and forward thinking Guru, anything is possible and IS possible!
We are such a fortunate bunch, aren't we? We get to learn, share, have fun, interact and play, this is living Dharma as it should be - totally intergrated into every aspect of life - from all the subjects and topics in Rinpoche's Blog to our very hearts and minds.
I think the captions Rinpoche wrote below all the photos made them all the more funny! I couldn't stop laughing from the beginning to the end. Yes, only Kecharians are that BRAVE or that CRAZY! We love the Dharma so much that we wouldn't mind doing the silliest thing and making fools out of ourselves. Well, in some cases, the Wanna-be Girls are actually very stunning! Like Bryan Ho!!!! He looks like a supermodel or Japanese pop star sensation! Dharma is really fun, funny, exciting and it makes us look at ourselves differently. In this case, it also makes you look at us differently. As Rinpoche says many times, when it is all done from the heart, with the right motivation, it is a good cause in itself. I cannot wait for the show tomorrow night!
This is wonderful news indeed. Especially as Beng Kooi rightly said that Melaka was one of the places Rinpoche first visited in 1992. We can never tell when the seeds of Dharma that were planted before will sprout. After all, none of us here can be so passionate about Rinpoche and Dharma if someone had not planted those seeds in us many years ago, or even lifetimes ago. Hence, a mixture of karma, merits and seeds that were planted from long before are now blossoming within us and we are able to establish a real connection with Dharma. We are truly fortunate to have such amazingly dedicated Dharma brothers and sisters who would travel far and take it upon themselves to spread the Dharma to others. Once we have received real benefits from something of value, we truly wish to share it with more and more people in hope that they will also enjoy such benefits. Where there is no Dharma, let there be Dharma. Where there is Dharma, may it grow stronger and firm. Where there is a misunderstanding of Dharma, may we take it as our responsibility to correct it.
I rather not say that Compassion Sells, but I would say that Compassion FEEDS the soul. Hence, when someone has a taste of what it means to do something positive, however small or big, for someone else and see that single act benefit that person so much - that feeling, that high of giving and serving someone other than the self, is the most gratifying feeling of all. This is one of the reasons why more and more people are coming into KSK to volunteer, to help and even the media. They can finally see how each of them can make a difference to someone's life through KSK! In KSK and through KSK, people of all walks of life have begun to experience for themselves, the meaning of humanity. You cannot imagine a few hours in a day can truly lift someone from a life of a scavenging rat to a decent human being again. This is the true power of care, of loving kindness - Kechara Style via its Soup Kitchen. And once you've got the taste and experience of making a difference, you'll never want to go back to that self-serving life and attitude anymore. Your heart begins to open up and you'll finally feel a sense of true happiness. This is what KSK has done for the homeless and the volunteers. Because COMPASSION TRANSCENDS ALL and brings us home to humanity.
Yay! Hope now has a home. With this premises up and running, KSK can serve the poor and homeless 7 days a week. Beyond just feeding the hunger, we can provide more help to them - from counselling, basic medical care, some brief respite, a place to wash their laundry and get some warm cooked food. More than anything else, KSK will help many regain their dignity and confidence to return into the community in which they belong to. As of to date, KSK has helped more than 25 people obtain jobs and regain their identities through the National Identification Registration Office, and many more. At the same time, more volunteers can get involved and donate in whatever way they can afford - be it in kind, time or money. We can all make a difference together with KSK!
It's very sad, in fact it is too sad for words. I was with Justin and Ruby in the route to Chow Kit (pictured above). If you see that picture, you'll notice a lady lying on the pavement. Yes, that is her home. I last saw her in 2006 when I volunteered on that route with Su Ming and Justin. Her name is Rose or Rosie. She was much healthier in 2006 and she even made herself presentable despite the fact that she was sleeping on the sidewalk. There was still some sort of dignity in her. Now she looks completely wasted away, as if she is half the person I saw in 2006. She is definitely fading away fast. It is very painful to watch. It is exactly as Ruby described in her text above. May KSK truly save more lives.
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Wow - this is something! We are being noticed and observed by others! That further endorses what we do and how we do it all. From my side, all my friends describe Kecharians as a place whereby they can feel the strong camaraderie. In the beginning they may get overwhelmed by our sheer size and enthusiasm but ince they see how we all interact with one another, they can't help but feel the bond. Almost everyone I know will describe how warm, friendly and caring we Kecharians are. This is definitely a place everyone can be themselves, and feel belonged. Isn't it about time you get to know Kechara?
Countdown to Kechara Care's Lounge Opening!!! It is going to be the first of its kind. Who has ever heard of a Buddhist Organization having a social, hip and happening Lounge as part of their various departments? If you had not noticed already, at Kechara - we always do things differently and we like it that way! Now, this is really Dharma as you are - Kechara style, of course.
This is a beautiful account of the Dalai Lama for the rest of us to read up and understand how much this man has endured and what he has done for Buddhism, in general. Wherever the Dalai Lama goes, he promotes peace for the world and non-violence. More than anything else, Buddhism would not have been so globally recognised if it was not for His Holiness's relentless efforts and "voice". In leaving Tibet, the Dalai Lama has made Tibet international. Now, Tibet resides in every person who practises the way of life that is unique to the land of the snows, preservered for so many centuries - a pure lineage. In a way, Tibet is everywhere. Thank you, Rinpoche for this very inspiring story. It motivates me to dream higher and do more. Thank you.
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