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I used to watch KFOX morning news regularly but just could no longer tolerate Kandolite Flores, so I switched to KVIA. I really hope Kandolite will do well in her new job. Martina Valverde did a fine job at KFOX, and I also hope and trust she will do well. As for KLAQ, it has always lacked class, so I'm not surprised that management is lying about the woman wanting to leave.
Duke, don't quit your simple day job and avoid straying into the complex world of politics. You actually believe the big lie that a downtown stadium will generate substantial revenue? Please do some research instead of parroting hucksters wearing fancy suits. You will find that downtown stadiums do not result in substantial economic growth. Local governments end up stuck with progressively burdensome annual maintenance costs for the life of the facility. The only jobs actually produced are minimum wage, seasonal ones. No "new" money is produced; spending on sports events merely represents a diversion of monies that otherwise would have been spent at other entertainment venues. Oh, although I don't have grey hair, I don't appreciate your unfair, inaccurate comments about the people who contribute the most to local government coffers in the form of outlandish property taxes.
Marcus Green stated the situation perfectly: "You can't expect people to continue supporting losing teams when the people in charge aren't making the necessary moves to fix things. Price needs to be replaced." Why in the hell should we keep going to UTEP football games when all we witness is poor coaching and loss after loss? What is it going to take for Stull to wake up and fire Price? As for a winning season and a bowl appearance, that is nothing but a complete fantasy designed to give people false hope. We have been fed enough of that garbage by Stull and Price.
PJ - That's exactly what I was thinking. The current conference alignment totally sucks in terms of killing off natural rivalries. I know it's just a dream, but a reborn Southwest Conference would be great: Houston UTEP SMU Tulsa Tulane New Mexico (if the Mountain West breaks up) Air Force (same as above) Colorado State (same as above) Other possibilities: NMSU (I know, a real weakling) North Texas (a move up from the Sunbelt Conference)
Too true. The accused dude was allegedly drunk. For all we know, he was driving fast on the shoulder of the road because he was returning from a late-night bible study class and was distracted while reaching for the good book that fell on the floor of his car. Oh, and the dude only appeared drunk because he was exhausted after volunteering all day at a local soup kitchen. The poor dude is just another misunderstood victim of society.
Here's an idea: UTEP should follow the Ivy League approach and start a league with other perennial loser football schools. This is a dream line-up of the brand-new WEED LEAGUE: UTEP New Mexico State University University of New Mexico Autonomous University of the Heroic Ciudad Juarez Sul Ross State University New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
UTEP should join the WAC. Sure the WAC is weak, but so is UTEP. At least the football team would win at least a few more games and the basketball team would make it into the NCAA tournament as WAC champs.
The best think about this move is the possibility that Dr. Phil will be moved to a 2:00 a.m. time slot. He is a fraud, and anyone who actually believes his load of crap thinly disguised as wise counsel is an idiot.
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Kandolite Flores is totally horrible. What in the hell was KFOX management thinking when they hired this train wreck? She speaks 90 miles an hour and fails to enunciate. Did she actually graduate from UTEP with a degree in communication? Tell me it ain't so.
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Jennifer and Alonso need to get together. That way they can become a borderline retarded douche.
Adrienne is hawt. Her voice is hawt. Just thinking about her makes me hawt.
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Jul 27, 2010