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3212 Mallard Cove Lane, Fort Wayne, IN 46804
Former teacher, now busy mom with rheumatoid arthritis (ouch) helps you find comfortable, stylish footwear for your barking dogs. Offices located in Fort Wayne, IN.
Interests: OWLS, severe weather, coffee, comfy shoes, my family
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Peter Piper picked a peck of Pikolinos. A peck of Pikolinos, Peter Piper picked. If you can pick just one Pikolinos, The Puerto Vallarta should be the Pikolino picked. Are you looking for a closed-toe sandal for your not-so pedicured... Continue reading
Thanks. My son is expressive, and loves to talk animals--he knows way more than me about most animals..except owls.
I just asked Nicole and she said they're less rigid than Dansko, but more than your average sandal. A very sturdy sandal she says.
Shoot!! That's the thing with those non-adjustable straps. They look better and less "orthopedic" but are so non-accommodating to different widths of forefoot. Then the foot slides around and causes blisters. Sorry to hear it, but thank you for letting me and everyone else know!
Sanita Vana courtesy of Sanita Footwear. Reviewed by Nicole P. After the horrendous winter that we've endured, I've been looking forward to letting my toes see the light of day. Each spring I look forward to that day when it... Continue reading
To piggyback on my last post about footwear for the narrow-footed, I've found five closed-toe options: four in light hues for spring and one in classic black. Of course these come in wides too! 1. Sperry Angelfish: Did you know... Continue reading
Hi Kirsten, I just found your blog and appreciate your comments on the shoes you review. I have checked back on your previous blogs but did not find any regarding narrow feet. Any suggestions? Thanks! Dana Hi Dana, I'm the... Continue reading
I love the look of the Earth Tamarack too, but I've read too that the toe is pinchy...darn...
I know, cedar, I feel the same way. I'm not in corporate America, so don't need a classic pump. But if I should become a corporate lawyer, this would be my shoe.
Cherry and Bette, I came *this* close to mentioning Anyi Lu, but then backed off due to the price. Her shoes are works of art, you're correct. I especially love the Tulip style: Thanks for your input!
Dear Kirsten, I have four charity events and one stylish black tie optional party to go to. I need heels with arch support! I have plantar fasciitis and wear a 41 or true 10. Can you help? I'm wearing dresses... Continue reading
Rieca, I love those Clark's! So cute, stylish and glad to hear they're dreamy to wear.
Antelope 723 Slingback courtesy of Antelope Shoes. Thank you to Kelly D. for reviewing this stud of a sandal. I work full time at a moving and storage company as well as a mother of a very energetic four year-old... Continue reading
I received a few emails and blog comments after my last post on rigid-sole sandals recommending Birkenstock, Alegria, Fly London, Kork-Ease, and Camper. Much appreciated! I feel I talk about Alegria repeatedly, so was trying for some different "out of... Continue reading
Yep, you're right! Love them both.
Hi Jeanne, THank you so much for the nice comments!
I love my Birkenstocks, but I find mine do bend just a little at the forefoot and can cause pain on a bad toe day. But I spend many of my summer days in my Granadas ;-)
Hi Kirsten, I'm hoping you can help me out (because your blog has definitely helped in the past!). I'm 22, and my right foot is completely messed up. Two years ago, I was in an accident and had to have... Continue reading
Ah! The orange is my current favorite. Would look great a pop of color with navy, gray, white...GREAT DEAL!
Hi Louise! Always good to hear from you, as an avid Naot fan. I have to admit that the straps were a bit tight at the beginning and I'm glad they stretched out! They do run narrow.
HI Bette, I agree with you, they are more flexible than other Naot sandals with a thicker cork and latex sole--not a long-term sandals for those with big toe pain/hallux limitus. But aren't they the sweetest little comfort sandal??
Naot Dorith in teal patent courtesy of Naot I'm no foot model, but this sweet little sandal by Naot makes the best of my barking dogs. How often do you find comfort footwear that looks feminine, minimalist and provides the... Continue reading
Hotter Sorbet loafers courtesy of I was hoping to have at least one blade of green grass in this photo. But no, our first day of spring brought an early snow shower that melted to uncover wrinkled leaves from... Continue reading