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Shokti Lovestar
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One year on am pleased to report that the third LOVESPIRIT event, gathering lgbt+ spiritual folk in london, was featured prominently in the news section of London listings magazine QX. The magazine was quite happy to print the invitation to come along and meet 'other spiritually awake queers'.
i was at the queer question time so had direct experience of julie bindel's arrogant and ignorant attitudes. i am happy to honour her for her campaigning work for womens rights, but think she ought to keep her nose out of areas where she has less experience. the anger amongst my trans friends at her dismissal of their feelings is understandable, and she doesnt say many positive or informed things about gay men either. of all the panel she was only one who held opinion that sexuality is a 'choice' not a natural inclincation. and some people in the audience applauded that. i was shocked. she is also part of the anti-sex work lobby, prompting one sexworker to try so hard to get his question heard, unsuccessfully. why do journos think they can comment on anything even if uninformed? sorry julie you came across as unreconstructed 80s angry dyke... evolve darling! please!
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Feb 1, 2010