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Retailgeek - Now that you mention it ... I do doc my system a lot but that is mostly to pick up the latest news podcasts from WSJ, CNN, NPR, etc. You can get new podcasts on the device but it easier doing a big download to the computer and then sync. Automatic sync to my podcast list on the iPad would be great. Dropbox is also my main way of getting content on my iPad. With the iThoughtHD program I can get to all my MindMaps which is where they are stored so I can use them on Mac, Windows, and now iPad.
Retailgeek - I don't have a hardware Kindle but I understand a lot of people like to read on them. I have standardized on Amazon for my eBook purchases though. I'm pretty happy with browsing with Atomic but there are some memory issues with a lot of tabs open.
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Aug 6, 2010