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Thanks so much for sharing, Bill! It was terrific to have Katie back - she's such a ball of fire!
They obviously don't read your blog (or your books). Now, what I want to know is whether you're going to call them a Measurement Menace?!
Absolutely my pleasure ... thank YOU!
#1 drives me nuts too (most of them do, actually) and IMHO, the worst is when someone gives you a "follow Friday" and you RT that. Ugh! #4 can be fun, though! Though I agree that it's probably not something one wants to do very often.
I love how you explained this, Katie, though as far as me being your peer, knock my socks off a little more, won't you?! Cor blimey, as I'm willing to wager Richard would say. Avinash had a really great post evaluating some of the different Twitter "measurement" services, and thank you for adding to it. No matter how funky these services seem, when I look at some of the numbers, I know they just don't make sense (I mean, since when have I had more clout than you, as Twitalyzer would have us believe?!). Which leads me to my next point... What worries me the most is when I hear people using absolute measures, e.g. number of followers, number of retweets, etc., without any context WHATSOEVER, because, really, what does that mean? If it ain't in context, it don't mean nuttin'. So thank you for setting us straight... again.
What a great case study, Beth - thank you for sharing! Foursquare in particular seems to have so many naysayers, it reminds me of the reaction to Twitter in the early days. Everyone's entitled to their opinion, but it seems to make more sense to me to at least experiment with the (or any) application before deriding everyone who does use it. You share so many great resources that help so many of us as we continue to try to figure out this rapidly-changing world. Thank you.
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Apr 1, 2010