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Melissa Shontz
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Heidi you would make a beautiful ghostly Prom Queen in one of those big frilly pink old bridesmaid gowns and a satin sash across with your title. Don't forget the black roses for your corsage and in your hair. I would go with fishnet stockings and sparkly sandals, maybe a white rabbit fur cape if it's cold. Junque it up, a few tears here and there and some phantom nights GM ought to get the look. Whatever you be will be original and entertaining just like you. (it's true, but ok I really do want to win the prize too) Happy Halloween and thanks for the best show yet!!
Toggle Commented Sep 30, 2010 on quick recap at still me
Donna - love your site, your Mini, your playlist, and especially your ART! Having the chance to take either of these classes would be a dream. Hope it comes true. Thanks for such a generous offering. Looking forward to the inspiration. Keep coloring outside the lines! it's the only way to go! Melissa
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Mar 30, 2010