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I have had Dish for around 10 years, almost as long as Netflix. I have had almost zero issues, and if any it's with hardware and they fix it, no problem. Just like lots of things are only on DVD (not streaming) a fair amount of stuff is simply not on even DVD. I only use it with the DVR, and always have. No flopping in front of the TV, but entirely planned watching. For the better part of the year I've also been using the DishOnline service (and it's predecessor) and a Sling device you plug into the PVR. Now, I can watch my TV or a pretty decent selection of shows, streaming from the volcano base or from my home. DishOnline is sorta junky in some ways, but the new announcement gives me hope. Queue is good. Suspect it'll get the development resources to bugfix. I strongly suspect I'll be dropping NF and going with this service. Disappointed, but NF doesn't seem to want me anymore.
Fortunately, NF is one of those who does not believe the web is the ultimate app. Flash runs 100% fine on the TouchPad (yeah, I grabbed one) but way too many of these video providers have custom or otherwise stupid plugins (Dish network just finalized the switch from the functional Flash site to the buggy custom plugin site, so it doesn't work on any mobile without an app either). Hey... when can we get a silverlight plugin for webos instead?
> How many Netflix-ready devices do you have? Including computers? 9. So far. More coming soon.
Color me another disappointed. I have three Androids (I do mobile design for a living. I have around 40 phones) and none are supported. Weak. Worse, it's not like they seem to have worked hard to get new phones to support it. The wife is probably going to get a Sanyo GzOne Commando, because she needs the ruggedized, and they have done well in dumbphone. However, she also wanted to replace the iPod-Touch-glued-to-a-Clearspot solution for mobile movies we currently use. This is the sort of thing that might make her not get that phone. Or a new smartphone at ALL. Why bother if the killer app is not available, and may never be?
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May 12, 2011