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Carol Short
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thank you for this list, i think these are the things no one should forget ( )
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Now all my family cares about is sanding my little sister to school, the added expense, we had no idea it is going to cost so much. So the taxes thing is what we are really interested in
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thanks! i am thinking i am going to make clothes for the next summer season myself: cheap, unique and fits perfectly (my work )
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thanks for all the links! This is the first time i am going to sew a dress! hope it'll come out pretty! ( )
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great post! and i just want to say: cooking a nice meal yourself - a very good and healthy choice! (my site scrabble rules)
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there is an opinion that men are so attracted to breasts because when humans started to walk in the process of evolution, breasts became closer to the level of the eyes of men (before buttocks used to be on the same level as the eyes) (my site:
Toggle Commented Aug 31, 2012 on Babies, Sensuality and Sex Appeal at Hug the Monkey
oh, wonderful pictures! i love the fox stretching out (sudoku puzzles)
Toggle Commented Aug 31, 2012 on blue lily is my fave. at whatever
Here is a lot i didn't know and didn't take into account. Thank you for the thoughtful article, Gene! Appreciate it
this is outrageous! thank you for all the links on the subject, Teri (download checkers game)
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thank you Neven! there is some stuff i didn't know. thank you for the links for more information. It seems like no place on earth is perfectly clean (play scrabble)
Toggle Commented Aug 30, 2012 on Arctic pollution at Arctic Sea Ice
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Mar 15, 2012