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Oh, Joy. I really needed to read this. I am pregnant now and I already feel torn. I'm trying to do so much before our first baby arrives and I feel guilty every time I am not reading a baby book or doing something for his arrival. It kills me! And, I know, I'm not even getting started yet as an official mom. I work full time and my blog feels like another full time job because I love blogging. It definitely has taken away from other things, but it is my passion. I have sacrificed a lot. Yesterday, I had so many plans to do baby stuff and plan our shower and I collapsed on the couch! Really? Yup, that's how tired I was. As soon as I woke up, I felt so bad that I didn't get all that I wanted done. I also feel bad not spending more time with Mr. ShuGar. It's so hard to try to be a full time pro, wife, mom, friend, and blogger. I don't know how I am going to do it. I can't imagine it will ever get better. Thank you for your honesty. It really is reassuring I am not the only one going crazy with it all. I also appreciate you breaking the veneer of social media that shows all of us," Gosh, I wish I had her life because everything looks so perfect."
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Dec 10, 2013