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Maybe you are right. But you could also interpret the comments as a more general point about economic competence. This doesn't have to equate to fiscally tight, just internal consistency and a lack of wishful thinking. It isn't obvious that either government or the opposition have these quantities where it matters. Neither side seem to have many policies that identify the major structural problems of the UK economy and address them. Property taxation (and planning law) is egregiously unfair and regressive but instead of sensible reform we get nothing or an arbitrary mansion tax. Income tax and national insurance are illogical and messy, but both sides seem to want to make it more complex because proper reform might hurt important groups of voters even if it led to major benefits for the economy. A plague on both their houses unless they offer some radical reforms that might actually work instead of tinkering to pander to interest groups of particular blocks of voters.
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The first chart looks like the countries are deliberately selected to obscure the comparison rather than to reveal anything. The snapshot of single time point comparisons leaves many questions about the comparability unanswered. A better analysis would be to compare the rates over time within each country before and after a ban (and maybe for a larger group that actually included some of the key countries like Australia or the UK who used to allow some guns and now don't). This before and after comparison removes a lot of the inherent differences among countries and directly addresses the question. The current country selection is clearly biased by the omission of the UK anyway since we are one of the larger examples of a country where handguns were allowed but are no longer allowed.
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