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Sideline Mom
I take lots of pictures. Of sports. All kinds. Then I write about it. And other things. I am the Sidelinemom.
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Incredibly cool trophy's! Loved your running commentary of the comments made at th event. "it's all helped me keep a level head.. well sort of" - Steve Cab. Thanks!
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Mar 15, 2010
Have been really wanting to try them. I look and look but still have not purchased. They look fantastic!
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Into my second year of homeschooling my boys (ages 12 and 8) and there has never been a time when I needed encouragement more than right now. Headed to the YMCA right now to hopefully give and recieve a little. P.S. I also fill my online cart with EVERYTHING I would love to buy then whittle it down. So much fun. :)
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