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China has made a commitment, and has to work together with America and the world to defeat Climate Change. China may have a large military, but the air in their country will kill them, not a war with others. Counting the sick and dying and already deceased, China is already losing this war. They need help. America and other countries might be willing to help, if China could/would come to a gentleman's agreement, work with these countries and the companies from these countries and not steal or copy these technologies that would be brought in to improve Chinese lives. It's your lives. It's your decision!
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I guess what gets me the most is that this soy based fuel is grown on soil that should be producing fuel for human consumption. Maybe fuel in the gas tank to some is still considered human consumption. I believe there has to be a better way to produce fuel, without taking food out of children,s mouths. Adults will find a way. The 50 year old coal fired power plants are being scheduled to be shut down. Can the farm land around these power plants be used to grow this bio diesel feedstock. Here is another idea. Lets take this 500 to 700 acres of coal infused land, and turn it into algae ponds to produce Bio fuels including diesel fuel. Now is when you have to let your mind wander.The converted to natural gas power plant has no chimneys. The heat energy is being recovered by the technology of Condensing Flue Gas Heat Recovery. This recovered heat energy is keeping these algae ponds warm to the growers desired temperature. The heat energy was recovered from the waste exhaust gases, so what is left is COOL exhaust. This cool exhaust is cool CO2 and the algae want the CO2. It is fertilizer. Algae takes in CO2 and gives back OXYGEN, something that makes all of us happy. And then there is the WATER that is being created during this heat recovery process. This Clean -Distilled water is very usable. So what is being wasted?
America needs Energy, electricity and heat. Nobody want to be without, if they can help it. Today I am going to educate you about natural gas, as some call it the "clean fossil fuel". I really believe that we have to stay on top of the regulating agencies to ensure American's that this energy is being removed from the ground cleanly and efficiently, with no or very little methane leaking, and recycled fracking water. Now if we can look past that to the consumption of natural gas. Everyone has seen power plants, recognized by their big high chimneys. Why big high chimneys? Once upon a time most power plants consumed coal or heavy oil. The exhaust was nasty, and the local people knew it, so if this "stuff" went high into the atmosphere, hopefully it would catch a higher air stream, and be gone ~ somewhere. Now we are dealing with clean burning natural gas. The high chimneys are no longer required. I residential homes in a subdivision the condensing boilers and water heaters vent out of the wall. It does not even go up to the roof. Natural gas is clean. So if the residential market knows how to consume natural gas efficiently with condensing boilers and water heaters, Why doesn't large commercial buildings and industry do the same thing? Use their natural gas efficiently. After all they consume much more in one day than a house does in a heating season. Industry says "natural gas is cheap". It is, so if they waste some, the consumer will pay for their waste, in buying the product. That is so Wrong! The last couple of years America's climate is telling us something. Smarten Up, or pay the consequence. This is the option. For myself, I do not want my grandkids or great grandkids coming to me one day saying "Grandpa, You knew this was going to happen, and you did nothing?" I can't do that. America today is so Blessed with this newfound sea of natural gas under our country. This means that hopefully soon America will not have to purchase oil from the middle east. Our navy can come home and be safe. We will no longer need their oil energy. Natural gas will power a lot of our highway 18 wheelers. It will soon power our locomotives on our rail lines. In the cities, buses and taxi cabs and the garbage trucks, and even FedEx and UPS trucks will be powered by natural gas. There is talk about ocean going ships converting from diesel fuel to natural gas. With all of this and our power plants converted, how long will the natural gas in the ground last? This is America's challenge. How much will we allow America to WASTE of this energy. Natural gas can be consumed to near 100% Energy Efficiency. So if today America is Wasting 40%(?) and this number can be increased to over 90% energy efficiency, our natural gas will last a whole bunch longer. What is the problem? The US DOE states that for every million Btu's of energy recovered from these hot waste exhaust gases, and this energy is utilized back in the building or facility, 118 lbs of CO2 will NOT be put into the atmosphere, How many Tonnes does that add up to HOURLY? Monthly? Yearly? A BIG BUNCH! Did you know that natural gas can be consumed so efficiently, that the WATER can be recovered during this Condensing Flue Gas Heat Recovery process, and this clean - distilled water is oh so very usable. And there can be LOTS of water created. America can be the First at Wasting Energy, but it can also be The First at Recovering All This Waste Energy AND Utilizing this Recovered Energy as Efficiently as is Possible. There is ONE Chance to use Natural Gas. Use it and Lose It, or USE IT TO IT'S FULLEST POTENTIAL. Vent cool air into the atmosphere. Mass Cooling. We can work at beating this Global Warming, but we have to do it together, or it will not work as effectively. What is going to be America's Decision?
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Nov 26, 2012