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Communist Massachusetts
Interests: Piano, blog entries, recording movies and TV specials on DVDs.
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John Jay: >>>>>>p.s. if you ask me if he is a viable candidate for president, i will say, "no." but, he would be a wonderful vice-presidential candidate on a bachmann or palin ticket. my preference would be, and has been for about 2 years now, a palin and bolton ticket. but, he has to quit this fucking pussyfooting around, and make his plans and ambitions known. good lord, does he think that he is going to run on the "unsullied virgin" ticket, or some such nonsense. it is time to get out there and grub, and prove to the glinty eyed realists who decide such things, that he can produce votes.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< It is my fear that John Bolton does not have the name recognition to get much traction this time around. I also think a Palin/Bolton ticket would be good. If Sarah Palin runs she will come in for venomous attacks. I hope there will be some there to defend her against the lib/commie mob.
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"Time Magazine" hasn't changed since its Begin Rhymes with Fagin days and accusing Ariel Sharon of orchestrating the Sabra and Shatilla massacre. I think they will always be evil. And look at the company they have these days?
While Amber Ettinger brought two important points (snicker) to the 2008 election, it is some Jewish girl who is doing the actual singing while the model in the youtube video is lip synching. The singer is a jino (Jew in name only) who helped push the anti-Semitic Obama to the presidency
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Pamela, It is good you were referred to in Aruzt Sheva, also:
I saw this movie decades ago when I was a teenager, Pamela. I really dig your taste in movies. Maybe I shouldn't mention it here, but I did a little memorial on youtube to my cousin who succumbed to cancer a month and a half ago: She understood what kind of man the "messiah" was and knew he was bad for Israel and America. For many reasons she will be sorely missed by me.
Maybe Petraeus will turn out to be an American Von Manstein (Hitler's talented general). Adolf Hitler apologist, Pat Buchanan, is quite gleeful and can lead the pograms against us Jews as Obama's Middle East policy continues to deteriorate.
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Kol Hakavod to blazing cat for attending and to Pamela for showing this. Yes, I heard him say we need another holocuast, too. "Charming."
Toggle Commented Apr 2, 2010 on "We Need Another Holocaust" at Atlas Shrugs
Yup! Spencer has it. In Schmucky Johnson's mind, the Tn. state flag becomes a neo nazi flag. It was my ridicule of him for this type of garbage that cost me my LGF account back then as regards Vlams Beggan. And has anyone seen this guy comment onb things? He sounds like a functional illiterate. This idiot sits in judgement of all of us? p.s. On another happy note, Schmucky Johnson's former groupie, Irish Rose, no longer has her blog. Maybe Schmucky discarding her like so much used kleenex tissue put an end to her obnoxious sycophancy.
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I was particularly scared at that picture because he looks so much like my recently married newphew who now pulls 30 day duty per year:
Just as a point of historical interest, Gush Etzion was the site of that massacre by Arab irregulars back in 1948 or so. It was the same time that the "New York Times" hyped the Deir Yassin battle as a massacre; however, the Gush Etzion actual massacre was not reported much, unlike the hyped Deir Yassin. I would think because of her history, Gush Etzion would know what living with Arabs is like.
Toggle Commented Mar 22, 2010 on Israelis Protest 'Obama Intifada' at Atlas Shrugs
There may be a silver lining in all of this. The vicious hostility of the "messiah's" administration may help provoke Israel to take steps of its own to deal with Iran and its very dangerous Islamic bomb. One time I called up Pamela's radio show and talked to her guest, Israeli diplomat and author, Dore Gold. Dore Gold said to me that America can step in and help with Iran. I bluntly told Dore Gold that they won't do anything (constructive that is. They may shoot down Israeli planes per Brezinski however). Maybe Ambassador Gold and Bib will realize that I am right with the vicious attacks that the "messiah" is doing on our ally. And at a Jerusalem zoo, I warned that Israel would be a scapegoat and not oppose the evil Muslims in the middle east: Obama's chicken foreign policy:
Fritzkatz, I was also banned from Chuckles' blog some years ago because I made the "mistake" of thinking his arguments against Vlams Beggan and Filip DeWinter were stupid and said so. I also did not like his snootier than thou attitude. That is why I'm happy to see the Wild Irish Thorn kicked or hounded out of LGF after defending him so sycophantically. As Michelle Malkin said, "Schadenfreude, it's what's for breakfast." As for Glen Beck, I have to see if he keeps this crap up and will have to tell my sister, who bought his book, about this so she will no longer be snowed -- if she is being snowed by Beck.
The eliminationist anti-Semites are worse today than the Nazi times (they kept the extermination centers hidden then) and their songs are worse, too. Hitler's S.A. song with the lyrics "when Jewish blood spurts from the knife...." (That is not the "Horst Wessel song but another one) was probably more tuneful than any of the [c]rap music that is played today, including this above referenced garbage.
I didn't hear this Glen Beck show; however, I heard him once say that he only gets 2 to 5 hours sleep because he is trying to learn the things that Pamela and myself knew about ten years ago. He needs to get Pamela or Geert Wilders on his show before he makes a complete @$$ of himself. He still has much to learn and I wonder if he has the cojones to learn it.
It was good of Breitbart to confront the weasel like that. Maxie had to probably go through a whole day of denial chanting ("It's not true I'm a liar, weasel; etc.) to recover from the nice dressing down that Breitbart gave him.
That Geert Wilders is ascending in political power in Holland is a ray of good news in a dreary political landscape. What is good news in the blogosphere was reported in 2.0 Blogmocracy as Schmucky Johnson banned another one of his chief sychophants, Irish Rose. For Irish Rose and Sharmuta to get banned by the chief paranoid of LGF is not a compliment to them because they always supported him and did not challenge his many stupid pronoucements, such as his smears against Filip DeWinter and Vlaams Began as I have done. Some people get banned by Schmucky Johnson because they refuse to kiss his @$$. Other people get banned by Schmucky Johnson because they do kiss his @$$, but Schmucky does not like their anilingus technique so out they go. I feel I have more self respect and honor because I was banned for the former of the alleged trangressions. I'm sure those sycophantic slugs, Irish Rose and Sharmuta, cannot feel very good for being banned because of the latter reason >>>>>>veg<<<<<<
This is also a slap in the face to Israel Finklestein's minimalist archeology which claims Abraham never existed and King David was just some kind of free booter. This minimalist archeology was touted in "Atlantic Magazine" and discussed more fairly on "The History Channel" of all places. Part of the hypocrisy going on is the Arabs destroy Jewish artifacts and then say there is no archeological evidence to point to Jewish history in Israel.
There has been much criticism of Israel (what’s new?) for allegedly offing that Hamas Nazi. It just occurred to me that James Bond should also come in for condemnation if not criminal prosecution, too. Here is my case: James Bond in the documentary Thunderball clearly shows what a violater of international law he is. For one thing at 1.33 min of the documentary he tells the french agent that Jacque Boiviar killed two of his colleagues, when Sean Connery should have said that Jacque Boiviar allegedly had killed two of his colleagues (hrumph). Also, later on in the documentary, James Bond kills a transvestite or a transexual (3.55 minutes into the documentary). James Bond is clearly shown to be a racist, homophobic, politically incorrect bastard! It is therefore my opinion that Interpol and the Arabs should put James Bond on trial for murder alongside the Mossad! Yeppers. That makes sense as the Thunderball documentary proves. “There’s no need to fear. Underzog is here.”
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Incidentally, Grover Norquist is married to a Pali woman. He is obviously from the late Peter Jennings school of Islamist thought /sarcasm
Toggle Commented Feb 24, 2010 on The Anti-CPAC Conservative at Atlas Shrugs
Congratulations for putting on your informative event, Pamela. I have to say however that Sorba is correct and men having sex with men is quite unnatural.
Toggle Commented Feb 24, 2010 on The Anti-CPAC Conservative at Atlas Shrugs
Bill Bowen beat me to that point. They refused to hire Sephardic Jews or Bridgette Gabriel to do any tranlating and this is the result. Also, I wonder if some Taqiyyah followers have decided to visit Pamela's board. If so, she has new "admirers."
Hooray! Good for them. If we could only get someone else other than those incompetents to defend Rifqa Bary.
Tis kewl seeing Atlas and an Atlas reader. I can't wait for the videos either.
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With all the sad things going on in the world we need a laugh:
Oops! Mea Culpa on my part. The Joy Behar show did publish my brief comments on the show with Pamela. It's not as if I said anything on the level of that this instead guy anyway.
Toggle Commented Feb 11, 2010 on Cain and Abel ..... Reagan at Atlas Shrugs