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Angela Siekman
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Dec 21, 2009
There were very good points made in this blog. I grew up with all the traditional holiday lies including Santa. I chose not to ever lie to my child and after 15 years, I still haven't. I didn't think too deeply about the points you mentioned, it was just a decision to never lie. I also explained to my daughter that other people have a variety of beliefs and traditions and that it was for those families to explain about Santa to their children and not for you to tell them. She never told anyone there was or wasn't a Santa. That little girl had learned respect for other people's very early on. That said, my honesty almost backfired when she as a little girl had been told by the school, advertisements and her peers that there was a Santa. At one point she started to believe that I was lying saying that there wasn't! Now 15, she told me when she was little she thought if there was a Santa, he would have to break in through her bedroom window to get in since we had no chimney. That creeped her out! I always wonder about children from other beliefs and what they must think about the other children believing in this fat man in a red suit has flying reindeer.
Toggle Commented Dec 21, 2009 on The Ethics of Santa at PEA Soup
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Dec 21, 2009