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Incidentally Sifar have just released a graphic novel style video earlier today:
Toggle Commented Oct 25, 2012 on Animation, Art & Music Videos at hypebot
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oh yeah. makes sense.
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Your point is completely valid that now one can record anytime, anywhere - one doesn't need to go to studio to do most of the stuff now. i'm just saying that in terms of 'recording technique', there's nothing new about using digital modelers and electronic drums (triggering midi). forget abt 2010, Def Leppard (a genuine rock band) did this 'technique' of recording drums AND guitars way back in the 80s! of course, it's more accessible for last 8-10 years or so than it was before :)
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I'm not sure if I follow but in any case, I wasn't talking about publishing one's books. If fans are acting like investors, then one needs to tell them where exactly their money is going
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True. A thought - If I have to think of crowd-funding as a business model then I should mention to my fans that a portion of the monies raised will go to my personal account in addition to mentioning exactly how much goes into production and how much into fulfillment and distribution. Else, you're just covering costs and it's still great - just not a business model. And if you don't mention how much goes into your personal account, then it doesn't seem right. Anyone else feel like that?
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Just wondering on "recording straight into a computer, Mansoor was able to record all of the guitars present on Periphery. Drummer Matt Halpern recorded drum takes on an electronic drum kit to trigger pre-produced drum sounds, which maintained human timing, achieved professional sounding drums, and didn’t anger the neighbors." - Isn't almost every other (new) rock/ metal band doing the Axe FX/ V Drums thigy since last few years? Not exactly a new idea there but good article anyway!
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Aug 20, 2012