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Coming into this discussion rather late, I have to wonder if the photoessays on Lieberman's site aren't more a reflection of campaign strategists and web developers than of Mr. Lieberman's personality. After all, it's unlikely that Lieberman himself scrutinizes every picture that appears on his website. Campaigns typically run on the "shaking hands and kissing babies" stereotype of a trustworthy candidate. Showing Lieberman with children was almost certainly intended to depict him as concerned (1) with the least of his constituents [here, the non-voting kind] and (2) with, ahem, "family values". Candidates are also often shown in nursing homes for both reasons too - as a nod to the disenfranchised/malenfranchised and to show concern for our elderly albeit packed-away relatives. The converse would be to show the candidate in his natural environment: with other men in suits, talking about the weighty issues of the day. This works fine if the candidate is seen doing so in a leaderly fashion, for example at a rostrum in the Senate in empassioned defense of some deep social issue, but otherwise comes off as looking like the glossy face of secretive dealings of rich men with one another. Although I agree that Lieberman's hissy fit is indicative of a man more concerned with himself than his party, I'm not sure that the photo psychoanalysis adds anything to this picture, that isn't more simply explained by a man who enjoys his power too much to want to be dethroned.
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To answer Tabby Lavalamp's question: Don Knotts, Darrin McGavin, and Dennis Weaver couldn't be included because they died in 2006, not 2005. The cutoff is December 31. :) That being said, I agree, Doohan should have been there. I'm also glad that Wil and others noticed the canned anti-DVD speeches. Way to go, AMPAS, biting the hand that feeds you there!! Jake Gyllenhaal looked supremely embarrassed to have to say "portable DVD". He knew it sounded silly and dated like some old fart had written the line. It reminded me of a talk I once heard given by an old church guy who talked about going to the "moving pictures". **shudder**
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Another Picard here. It's funny how our distribution seems to be skewing away from the internet totals quite a bit.
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I wish people who don't live in North America or Europe and the other few scattered first world nations could share your view. Sorry, Halai, but statistics bear this out, whether or not you choose to share the view. Note, I didn't say that LDC infant mortality rates aren't 10-20 times higher than MDCs. They are, and that's deplorable, but the fact remains that they have improved. It's simply a dispassionate assessment of the statistics.
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The Earth has always had its creaks and groans. The tsunami and the Pakistan earthquake were both the result of tectonic movement, something which we humans have no control over. In contrast, what we do have control over is where we live and how much we breed. Huge broods of offspring are created in poverty, with little distance between the generations—the mothers are still mere children—while quite often under religious edict to eschew birth control and multiply and replenish the earth. That may have made sense 2K+ years ago. It's a bit myopic today, when medical advances have allowed us moderns to improve the infancy survival rate everywhere in the world. The reality is that we have irresponsibly outpaced disease and famine and we now are reaping the consequences. Gene was right again: We are tribbles.
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