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Rae - you're so right. I've been waiting 15 years for someone to do this. I've lectured until sick to my stomach trying to get someone to care - and that includes audiences of p.e. teachers, fitness trainers, preschool staff and doctors. Everyone has been doing a lot of talking about the problem but little to bring about a solution. Kids aren't born with french fries in their mouths. Someone crams them in. And they're taught it's more fun to sit than move. Any child would rather move, it's adults that take away their love for movement. Many times because they don't want to move themselves! This is no different to me than the government stepping in to mandate seat belts, helmets, and flouride in water. Intelligent adults refused to do any of those things too, even though they all had lifesaving benefits. Imagine us today without these things in place. Everyone needs to help with this battle. Teachers. Fitness professionals. Even parents who are not fit themselves.
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Feb 11, 2010