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This is not going to happen. The Dem establishment really hated 2 candidates - Bernie and Tulsi. The liberal press have mostly ignored her. The twitter blue ticks have spouted a lot bile. I'm not sure why - it wasn't just Israel Firsters. Maybe they suspect she is not onboard for open borders and is secretly socially conservative? She was easily the best person in the field, but the DNC &co would rather lose to Trump than see her in the White House.
Let's pray that Tucker Carlson says something about this soon. Another possibility is that Erdogan just wants to put up some token resistance to keep up his bona fides with his jihadi allies. He'll sacrifice some Turkish soldiers, get as many jihadis as possible killed, and then say "I tried .." and go home. If Erdogan can't see it, the Turkish military surely does see that Pakistanification is the real threat to Turkey.
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Feb 29, 2020