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Again, as you readily admit, this post is based entirely on speculation. And in what sense is Graham's Huffington Post article downright silly? It struck me as rather reasonable, although I can't claim to be an expert on Turkish political intrigue.
As you yourself are forced to admit, this blog does not contain a shred of evidence one could even dignify as circumstantial. It is entirely based on suppositions and tenuous plausibility speculations. Until someone produces some independently verifiable "facts", any false-flag operation (Erdogan against all his opponents, the Gülenists, the Kemalists, the CIA, army secularists, the Russian FSB) is practically equally possible on Bayesian a priori grounds. It's a house of mirrors. After all, to this day we don't even know with any certainty who set the Reichstag Fire in 1933, the consequences of which were frighteningly similar to the current Turkish purges. is now following The Typepad Team
Jul 25, 2016