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JK is already there, and this roster management tells me he's taking these results for granted.
Is anyone streaming the Crew v SKC game? Can't find it. arrrggg.
DC throws down the gauntlet for 2nd place.
Hey Ives, will you give us a breakdown comparison on how NASL and USL leagues did this year? It would be interesting to see how they are doing as far as player salary and team sustainability. Is there any difference in fan base? I know the idea was to have them each represent a different division under MLS within the US system. Is that really how it's turning out?
I agree that being the first SSS in the US leads it to be a little outdated nowadays, but you talk to any MLSer or USMNT who has played on that field and they will tell you that the field quality is the best in the MLS. The grounds crew for the Crew is top notch, go back and watch the game interviews - all the players talk up the field.... in addition to the atmosphere!
He's getting lazy...
Toggle Commented Sep 24, 2012 on Americans Abroad: Weekend Rewind at Soccer By Ives
You do realize what's going on in Mexico right now don't you? Multiple cities have no police presence because they have been run out of town. And yes, it is the US' fault.
#LasttimeNYwoninFoxborough Head coaches Vermes, Heaps, Kreis, Olsen, Warzycha, Fraser, Pareja and Marsch were still PLAYING in MLS, via Ives twitter Not a bad list. Awesome to see so much MLS representing in top spots!! At this point, how many coaches/ assistant coaches are products of MLS?
Oy! Well I guess at this point, I'm pinning my hopes on Califf & Shalrie, and Adu & well who ever is left to start for Philly for tomorrow. At least Philly is at home, and I wouldn't put it past DC to blow up in RFK... go chivas... Go Crew!! I'm out!!!
3 goals, 3 assists, 6 games
Ha! I just noticed they cleared out the half field camera.
Crew have hit three posts tonight, consider yourself lucky!!! (Rolfe did hit some quality shots tonight...)
Having creativity and being able to utilize it positively on the field are two very different things and Adu hasn't figured out how to do the latter. Marfan is way beyond him it this respect. And now that Torres is working his way back from injury, I don't see him around past this year.
The first thing that came to my mind was that MLS/RSL finally realized they needed to be pushing some money the refs way as well...
What's the connection? Jozy with two niiice left footers in his hat-trick. Looks like he's having fun out there!
Toggle Commented Sep 16, 2012 on Americans Abroad: Weekend Rewind at Soccer By Ives
Any talk on bringing in a grass field? I think the Cascadia Cup should be renamed the Fake Turf Battle.
Okugo's a great player, and he kinda got shuffled around at the beginning of the season, but given the choice I'd rather have Califf/Valdes in the back.
Toronto and Philly playing for pride today. I wonder what the chances are that Hackworth can buy back LeToux & Califf... he can start by making cap room by selling off Adu - although his price tag is once again based on potential only. Maybe he can find a team that wants to take a chance.
#1 - One goal? This is Klinsy's 'new face of American attack oriented soccer'? Our offense totally disappeared in the second half once Jamaica stepped out of it's shell and stopped giving us freebies. I hope goal differential doesn't come back to bite us. #2 - 3 DM's again? How in the world are we supposed to achieve the 'new face of American attack oriented soccer' when Klinsy keeps on trotting out 3 DM's onto the field? Sure it was the second half, but come on!!!
NO 3 DM's !! EVER!!!! NOT EVVVVER!! I DON'T CARE WHERE WE ARE PLAYING!!!!! NEVER AGAIN!!! did you hear me Klinsy?
It's always ominous seeing the ambulance in the corner tunnel at Gillette stadium. Whenever they do a closeup on the goalkicks, it takes up the whole background...
I don't disagree with you, but I think there is plenty of room to watch him ball, then laugh at him bawling!
Just one more win, then they get some rest. Their next league game isn't until they play the Pink Cows on the 15th at RBA. Marshall was saying that with the way they are playing right now, they are barely aware that they're running on fumes out there. They feel it but it's almost an after thought right now.
4 games in hand for the Crew to recoup 3 points - doesn't look good for the Impact. With everyone so incredibly good in the East, it's going to be a horse race!
If Freddy just played with the intensity that Marfan has, he would be in a much better place.