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Hi Rob, this seems to be a separate issue - if you are seeing this in AutoCAD 2012, could you post it on the forum at with steps to reproduce? Then we can investigate. Best Regards Silvia
Hi Damien, as mentioned, our developers are already looking into this issue. I would encourage you to sign up for the Beta programme for the next AutoCAD version if you are interested. You can sign up for here: Best Regards, Silvia
Hi Erhard, there can be many reasons for getting a "Heidi" Error - are you just seeing an error, or is AutoCAD actually crashing? I would in any case recommend to make sure you are running a certified card and driver, and run the DXDIAG tool in windows to check if there are any problems with your installed Direct X. If this does not help, please post the question in the AutoCAD forum at and I can reply to you there and do some proper troubleshooting. Regards, Silvia
This is great feedback, thanks for sharing! :-)
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Aug 10, 2011