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Hi Joe, I’ve a personal question about ramp rate. But it’s more about TSB ramp rate. I usually plan my training to match +20/25tsb the day of an A-priority race (300tss race) and I usually do the last race simulation (or race) ride 7 days before. So I usually have a negative -30/40tsb 7 day before the race. Following some of your ideas I plan two rides in the race week with 90seconds race intensity efforts and a ride the day pre-race, so I can match the +20 range the day of the race. But if use this pattern my TSB has a very fast ramp rate, going from – 30 to +20 in just one week Do you have experience of how much could be a slow or fast TSB ramp rate important for a good Can you suggest a minimum of positive tsb days before the A-event? Thank you very much!!!
Toggle Commented Jun 25, 2015 on The CTL Ramp Rate at Joe Friel
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Jun 25, 2015