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Simone McNaught
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Not wanting to take you away from whats turning out to be a fascinating summer in the Arctic but we down here in the Southern Hemisphere are having a few problems of our own. As you are probably aware we are seeing some massive high temperature abnormalities across the Antartic continent at present. Obviously this still has little affect on ice melt due to the very low winter temperatures. My questions are these: What is causing the high temperatures and what affect they may have on the Southern Hemisphere weather. Also what is happening in the higher layers of the atmosphere. Is there likely to be some disruption to the SH Jet Stream positioning like the NH Jet has seen. Could this make for some extreme weather events for Australia and New Zealand. Interesting to note that New Zealand has just had its heaviest and most widespread snow storm for over 50 years. Snow was recorded as far north as Auckland!
Toggle Commented Aug 24, 2011 on Flash melting at Arctic Sea Ice
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Jul 31, 2011