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Simon Lavery
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Hi Alex - my first visit to your blog. Who'd have thought to post about weeds! Great stuff. I'm impressed by your horticultural knowledge - I have to ask a gardener friend for the names of plants, and to identify which are weeds and which aren't. I recognise that last one, a tenacious so-and-so, and spreads like mad. Keep up the good work - very eclectic!
Thanks for this initiative: always good to see themed material on the blog. Look forward to what follows.
Wonderful addition to the equally wonderful and growing digitised collection: thanks! I remember first reading about Cuthbert's otters in Helen Waddell's delightful book 'Beasts and Saints', which also relates plenty of other hagiographic animal stories.
Interesting piece, thanks. I'm reminded of Dickens' character in Dombey and Son (1848), the scheming, painted, bewigged Mrs Skewton (aka Cleopatra), who auctions her beautiful daughter - a natural beauty, unlike her own, artificially contrived, cosmetically enhanced parody of it, a mask) to the highest bidder. LM Alcott, writing as A.M. Barnard in 1866 in 'Behind a Mask, or A Woman's Power', portrays a similarly artificial beauty, who also dismantles her superficial, unnatural mask of allure at bedtime to reveal the haggard reality the cosmetics, wigs and false teeth covered up. The moral (misogynistic) stance is clear in each case, though Alcott is not surprisingly more sympathetic to her character's motives than Dickens is.
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Jul 27, 2013