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Simon Lester
United States
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This is from the ASIL: The American Society of International Law calls for submissions of scholarly paper proposals for the 2022 ASIL Research Forum. The Research Forum, a Society initiative introduced in 2011 which takes place during the Midyear Meeting,... Continue reading
I'm posting here a long excerpt from an amicus submission in the EU - Palm Oil (DS600) case, co-authored by trade lawyers Stéphanie Noël and Clémentine Baldon. In my view, this submission sets out the correct way to think about... Continue reading
The listing is here: Summary: The American Society of International Law ("ASIL" or "the Society") seeks an accomplished leader with vision, proficiency in international law, and proven management skills to serve as its next Executive Director starting (ideally) in mid-September... Continue reading
This is from KU Leuven: Leuven Centre for Global Governance Studies, KU Leuven is looking for a doctoral researcher in international economic law. The position enables you to enrich your research skills and provides opportunities in pedagogy through teaching, coaching... Continue reading
This is from the Master of Laws in International Trade Law | ITCILO programme in Turin: A one-year, intensive post-graduate programme including a distance learning phase and a face-to-face phase at the UN/ITC-ILO Campus in Italy. A cross-disciplinary curriculum in... Continue reading
New Zealand has just filed the first ever CPTPP consultations request, relating to Canadian measures "concerning the allocation of dairy tariff rate quotas (TRQs) under CPTPP (dairy TRQ allocation measures)." The request states: 2. Canada’s dairy TRQ allocation measures encourage... Continue reading
Long-time U.S. trade lawyer, government official, and former WTO DDG Alan Wolff has a recent Peterson Institute working paper entitled "Restoring Binding Dispute Settlement." Here's the abstract: Binding dispute settlement, meaning the ability to obtain a final judgment of whether... Continue reading
The WTO has announced that the Arbitrator in the DS583 arbitration appeal under DSU Article 25 was composed on April 28. 2022 "through a random selection from a list of candidates prepared and agreed upon by the parties." Here are... Continue reading
This is a post by law professor Petros Mavroidis Is IPEF an Avatar of Things to Come (Or Just a Digression)? Petros C. Mavroidis What is IPEF? The IPEF (Indo-Pacific Economic Framework) sounds like the APEC, three adjectives and a... Continue reading
Speaking at an event hosted by the Technical University of Munich last week, U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai was asked a question about trade and the environment that prompted a broad response which touched on a number of important trade... Continue reading
Following up on my last post, the panel report in DS595, EU - Steel Safeguards, was circulated on Friday, which, by the terms of the Article 25 Agreed Procedures in the dispute, means that the parties will not appeal, either... Continue reading
Last week, I said this in a post: In the DS583 case, Turkey - Pharmaceutical Products, a communication from the Panel indicates that the Panel had issued its final report to the parties on November 11, 2021, with circulation to... Continue reading
On his TV show, former Trump administration official Larry Kudlow was talking to Trump's U.S. Trade Representative Bob Lighthizer about various trade issues, including whether Lighthizer thought the Trump administration's China trade policy was successful. Not surprisingly, Lighthizer thought this... Continue reading
This is from the Ferenc Mádl Institute of Comparative Law: Sustainable Finance in European Jurisdictions April 29 @ 09:00 - April 30 @ 14:30 The necessary path to a carbon-free economy will only be achievable with a fundamental transformation of... Continue reading
Are we getting closer to the day when DSU Article 25 arbitration is used for WTO dispute settlement appeals, either through the MPIA or outside of it? I have a theory that a successful use of this alternative appeal mechanism... Continue reading
On Thursday, both the House and the Senate voted to pass the "Suspending Normal Trade Relations with Russia and Belarus Act" (HR 7108), and President Biden signed it into law on Friday. It looks to me, but correct me if... Continue reading
This is from a Katherine Tai interview with Bloomberg TV anchor Haslinda Amin: Amin: You've been criticized for your trade policy, some say that it lacks ambition, some say you've not done enough to bring cost down for American companies.... Continue reading
I'm always up for a good debate about trade and globalization, so when the folks at American Compass asked me to comment on some of their recent work, I agreed to do so. American Compass is run by Oren Cass,... Continue reading
This post is by Jan Yves Remy, Director of the Shridath Ramphal Centre At a time when all is not well with international economic relations, a message of inclusiveness, equity and morality in trade appears to have resonated strongly in... Continue reading
This post is by law professor Tomer Broude of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem With the Russian Federation’s invasion of Ukraine now about to enter its second month, concerns not only for the fate of civilians are rising, but also... Continue reading
The Roosevelt Institute held a webinar on Tuesday entitled "Green Steel Deal: A Transformative Trade Policy for Our Economy & Environment." I remain skeptical about this approach to reducing carbon emissions, but nevertheless I am following it with interest. U.S.... Continue reading
A third USMCA Chapter 31 state-state dispute is underway, with the panel having been composed in the Autos Rules of Origin dispute on March 22. There are five panelists on this one (which differs from the three panelists on the... Continue reading
During a press conference at the conclusion of the Dialogue on the Future of Atlantic Trade today, U.S. Trade Rep. Katherine Tai said this: Let us talk through and ask ourselves new sets of questions, not how do I beat... Continue reading
This is a guest post from Prof. Ernst-Ulrich Petersmann, European University Institute Florence The geopolitical conflicts and related trade wars (eg against China and Russia), climate change and other environmental disasters, global health and food crises, Russia’s military invasions and... Continue reading
After a brief floor discussion, today the House of Representatives passed the "Suspending Normal Trade Relations with Russia and Belarus Act" (H.R. 7108) with a vote of 424-8. The full text is here. A summary is here. In terms of... Continue reading