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Thanks for publishing all this MOOC completion data (quite takes me back to days working with the Courses Survey data!), the charts and the breakdowns. I'd like to see a breakdown of this data by prior qualifications, whether the student had completed school, university etc and at what level. I understand from Twitter-based readings that a high percentage of people registering for MOOCs already have Masters or above ... ? Developing on from Doug's comments, is this evidence of people looking for a bit of professional development and 'raiding' MOOCs for just the bits they want (creating their own versions of a Father Guido Sarduccis Five Minute University which teach what an average college graduate knows after five years from graduation in five minutes!)? If this is the way students want to use MOOCs (rather than how providers think they should) will they need to be helped to do this by being provided with very precise indexes, content lists, timings etc (metadata?). (This is beginning to sound like Learning Objects all over again.)
Toggle Commented Dec 12, 2013 on Completion data for MOOCs at The Ed Techie
Techczech, your comment seems to assume students starting university straight after school when, I agree, many do benefit from 'all sorts of liminal activities' in their 1st year. However (as the UKOU knows) there is a large market of what used to be known as mature students (ie not just out of school) who a) have already done a lot of 'generally growing up' and b) are looking for personal and/or professional development. Martin's model offers them something new ... although I share his worry shown in the final paragraph.
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Oct 18, 2013