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I'm pretty sure you're reading my mind. To elaborate on your closing though...I actually think that this approach will reduce cost in the long run. A more tech savvy workforce brings benefits in the reduced needs for support and the more the enterprise moves to the consumer model the more it becomes so. I'd already seriously question why purchasing need to be involved in end user kit negotiations. How much happier would the workforce be to get £500 to go buy their own PC at PC World et al. ? Some would hate it, lots would revel and if you stay over 3 years then the kit is yours... I believe it will get easy and cheap through mass market and education.
James, Fantastic as always. Myth 1: Comsumerization is at the core, over the next few years - if it's not already in smaller firms - is THE driving force in end user computing Myth 2: IT Security is critically important but shouldn't be worrysome and it's not a reason not to do something. These blockers need to switch up their thinking and ask how they can make things better by making them more secure. If they don't know, they need to learn. Myth 3: IT leaders today should be looking at consumer behavior as a bell weather for business behavior, it's been switched up and I think you are spot on. Myth 4: Failure is a requirement of success. Many people don't get that, many people like to talk up success and hide failure. Well the first should be a given, the latter needs to be talked about, there's more to learn from it and far more impetus to do so. Myth 5: I do this to an extent and I've learnt that I don't know everything (anything?) as such we get more done with more people with more freedom. All I do is shine the torch. I think it's the best approach. As I said, great work and from me, 100% agreement!
Toggle Commented Mar 10, 2010 on Five IT-Shop Sacred Cows at BankerVision
Simple; brilliant. Subtly defines the differences between intellect, intelligence, cleverness and smart. I can visualise this as a ladder; "step off at rung number x", if you reach get past 10 your smart....wonder what defines you then?
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Feb 18, 2010