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Poughkeepsie New York
Man Who Lives In Glass House Dresses In Basement
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I meant what I said: old Jews watch too much television and don't read blogs. most of the old timers who are aware of blogs are writing one. maybe that is less offensive
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a little hint: old Jews watch too much television and don't read blogs.
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ok... thought about this some more. Peanuts can be a substitute Protein which would offend the meat industry. Thus Peanuts are political and can be banned by "SMART". Peanuts are political, therefor we can ban Jimmy Carter who grows Peanuts. Islam is political, but then why was Islam posting on SMART? But being against Islam is Political... double standard Peanuts could be a religion too? Give me five minutes and I could find away to yarn that one. The court needs to admit it's bias and push this to a higher court if they are thinking about this.
wow... I mean wow am I confused. I've been saying Islam is political... and not a religion... but that was because supposedly I'm a hater. Now Islam is saying what I was saying.
I'd rather not give my sources, I apologize. I usually would, but in this case it is someone who I used to be allied with and now am not. I still follow them online. This is one of the reasons I refrained from a pure accusation. I'm am aware of the outward political appearances of most of the GOP. What disturbs me is what goes on behind the scene that I am sensitive to. When I hear about Perry having a recent vacation with Norquist and then hear about text books published by Perry with histories that say Jews and Muslims got along in the Mid East before the state of Israel, then I suspect the worst. If it comes out that Gingrich was involved with Norquist in any respect... even issues they agree on... I will look to someone else.
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I like Newt, but he apparently needs to come clean about Norquist connections like Perry. If I am wrong, then I am wrong... but I've heard some accusations. I turned on Perry because of Norquist. It turns out that maybe I might of been wrong on that. It appears Newt was involved with this guy too. I'm willing to forgive and stand behind... but the voters won't forgive until there is an apology across the board from all Republican candidates. Santorum is looking better and better.
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I Know this is a nice religious blog and all... and I should watch my language.... but WHAT THE FUCK! the BLOCKADE IS OVER! What drugs are these people taking? We can't expect Jews to act like Jews if they can't be bothered to listen... the BLOCKADE is over stupid Schmendricks
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The Supreme Court has already limited the practice of religion. It is part of the phrasing in the Constitution of 'peaceably assembling'. Mormons can not marry multiple wives. Americans are allowed to believe what they want. That is their freedom. They just can't practice it. This is a precedent that has already been dealt with legally. Why are we offering Islam special favors that Mormons can't have? There are other religions besides Islam whose practices have been curtailed. why would we allow Islam to create symbols of victory by our memorials for the victims of this barbaric practice? Seen any virgin sacrifices on volcanoes lately? probably not. The reason is that it is unconstitutional according to our government.
if you want to know why I resent the "left". Rabbi Joy Levitt was my rabbi in Montclair NJ. she hated boys. a real sicko. She left the year before my Bar Mitzvah. I've said this before Pamela. you already have google juice. please don't weaken our position by showing up in major media events that put Judaism and Israel at a disadvantage.
So this is what your time on the FOX Sharia Redneck network has schooled you with? Was it not enough to kiss Mike Huckabees tuchus about moderate Islam? Those who fear burning the Quran are no better then Bloomberg. We have to get out of the idea that the Nazis define us. the Nazis threw parades. are you afraid to go to a parade now? The Nazis said Jews were a RACE, now Jews are afraid when science comes back and tells Jews that they are closely related to each other then the country their ancestors have lived in for centuries. The Nazis had children. Are you afraid of children? At what juxtaposition will you create; What artificial semiotic have you declared as intolerable, but must obey because this is what NAZIS did? ...the NAZIS breathed air... so therefor you must die. The Nazis had a state. Do you revoke your support for a Jewish state? Those against Everyone Burning the Quran are hypocrites. I had to go to some back ally on the internet on friendfeed to find out the so called media leader of the Anti-Jihad had yet again compromised the voices she claims to speak for. Anti-Zionists think you speak for us. You do not speak for me. Anyone that let's what NAZIs did define their language and actions does not speak for me. I will not be burning a Quran; as I do not own one and use online versions to read. I will be burning Hadiths instead. The one I will burn for you will be the overused Tree of the Jews Hadith that I grow weary of. ...and don't act like this angry little diatribe is so sudden. It has been a long time coming. Get back on the bus Pamela. There are better ways to be famous then to sell out your cause. This has nothing to do with any rumor or anything I read or heard from anyone. I said likewise words to Barry Rubin and the JIDF. I'm tired of cowering. The 911 Mosque is a red herring. We have already let them win that issue for decades. The real issue now is are you afraid to express yourself against these maggots? They are laughing at us with their pseudo claims of free Religion... when it is Religious practice that is the issue, not beliefs. As long as we can legally practice our disgust we should express it loudly. Time is running out. Put away your TV makeup Pamela and get all sooty with us.
Toggle Commented Sep 10, 2010 on It is not a political rally at Atlas Shrugs
It would help if some members of the GOP Zionists blogging community would stop cowering at this issue. Marginalizing the truth will not get the right elected. I have yet to of seen any argument that can refute a reason why it is wrong to ask Obama to show the paperwork... it is wrong to help Obama avoid following the law.
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this is why it is important to support those that are organizing against facebook the Jewish Internet Defense Force. you might also tell your friend Robert Spencer to give the JIDF some credit when they organize
very effective communication. the images really were well put together
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...but it was that same gradualism that led me to reject the leftism I was raised in. It works both ways. What has the state done for me? What do I get out of this collective? No I don't want to do it for the group. No I don't think I need to control nature. No I don't want that kind of power in my hands... it sounds like a painful unloving burden that hurts other people anyway. the part about Jabotinsky ringing the alarm bells in Eastern Europe Jewery in Poland is the more interesting part to me.
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I understand their motivation is to get Federal Funds to Muslim programs, but this is one issue where they are right. We could motivate Jewish communities to do the same, but our community has been co-opted by Holocaust era people who think that everything that came out of Hitler's mouth was garbage. Jews are genetically alike, but that isn't bad. Like usual Jewish people accept the terms of abuse. Race is an artificial term. I once took a 'C' in Jewish History at Carnegie Mellon University for refusing to acknowledge that there was no Jewish race ...but Jewish people are more likely to share genetic similarities then any people of a specific color. We wouldn't be so worried about the Arabs receiving Federal Funds if George W. Bush had not blurred the line between church and state. It remains questionable if we can consider hate speech a religion in the first place, but many of the well intending loons will say that Jew Hunting behind Gharkad' trees is in fact an ancient faith. Since we know how this is going to break down we should remind ourselves that such things as Race and Religion are less about concrete concepts and a lot more fluid. when you agree to terms they must reflect the reality of the situation and not any narrow argument of logic. Arabs are indeed a group that needs to be accounted for.
huffy po po did the 2nd Amendment spin on LeBoon. no one in the media as far as I can see mentions he's a Shi'a, but they love talking about his gun.
I'm with the commentator above who wants to lock down the borders.
it would be nice if a nice zionist like himself would tell Clinton, Obama, Biden the truth about the agreement. you can't build trust for peace buy lying to a party who is making unilateral concessions. a little less sympathy for the violently hostile would be open minded... dare I say liberal. why the double standard Chucky?
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don't try to talk about this on TV Pamela. you might piss off Ron Jr.
Biden looks like the emperor in Star Wars. I feel very betrayed. I was misled into believing he supported Israel. I read some very disturbing things from Caroline Glick via “Biden's positions on Iran are even more troubling. Over the past decade, since Iran's ballistic missile program and its nuclear program came into full view, Biden has distinguished himself both for his refusal to support tough U.S. diplomatic moves against Iran…. In 1998, Biden was one of only four senators to vote against the Iran Missile Proliferation Sanctions Act, a bill that punished foreign companies and other entities that sent Iran sensitive missile technology or expertise.” The vice president also “was one of just a handful of senators who voted against a Senate resolution calling on the State Department to classify Iran's Revolutionary Guards Corps a terrorist organization,” according to Glick.
Toggle Commented Mar 12, 2010 on Embarrassing America at Atlas Shrugs
if I may dare say this... I think things are getting a little better. at least I think Jewish people are aware that they need to stop kissing these anti-war people's asses.
Toggle Commented Mar 11, 2010 on NYC: In Defense of Israel at Atlas Shrugs
the Tipper Gore police will just eat this one up
Adjournament is cowardly. I don't know what goes on in Europe, but in America politics and the Judicial branch don't mix well together... that is till last week when Obama roasted a Supreme Court Judge in his presidential speech with the judge sitting there.
As a former college student in Pittsburgh I know the Hillel there well. You have to understand the Pittsburgh community. While traditionally Pittsburgh has a strong Jewish Community (my mother is from there), the truth is that the youth culture is very hostile to Judaism. Yesterday I asked my College online through twitter @CarnegieMellon and @CarnegieMellonQ if Carnegie Mellon Alumni students could visit the new college they opened in Qatar if they were Israeli citizens. They still haven't gotten back to me. It was those experiences in Pittsburgh that made me realize how messed up our dhimmi culture is. I'm sad, but I'm not surprised.