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Have you seen this article? Highlights: we learned that, "in Iceland, men live on average to the ripe old age of 81, whereas women live on average to 84. There is clearly a gap, but in each case these are healthy life expectancies, so this doesn’t really pose a problem, does it?" But earlier we learned "There is a pay gap between men and women in the labour market, which overall amounts to almost 20%." But these are both healthy salaries, so this doesn't really pose a problem, does it? ;) Funny how life expectancy doesn't matter, but a discrepancy in earnings (with no controls for any confounders) is awful. Speaking of awful, "Last year, the ratio between men and women graduating from the University of Iceland was about two women for each man. However, there were clear gender preferences in terms of choice of studies; many women choose subjects that lead them to jobs in the care sector whereas men are more likely to choose subjects leading to lucrative jobs in sectors such as science, technology and engineering." Clearly their preferences are unacceptable.
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Oct 29, 2014