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You're living in Torbreck?! No way! I am so jealous. You seem to have a knack for snapping up great homes. Must have been quite a sight watching the waters rise from up there. I only got to see the aftermath in person. My Mum's place at Fairfield was hit pretty hard. In fact I think the photos of the "warzone" are from just around the corner from her - and I agree there is no other way to describe it. But I also agree that it brought outa beauty in people that I didn't know existed! And it's amazing how quickly you get up and get on with things. Anyway, thanks for the pics. No matter how many I see I am still fascinated with seeing my hometown in such a different state. And I look forward to news and pics of the newest thing to come (if I am guessing right?).
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Feb 11, 2010