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Good job Liz. This reminds me of the attempt a couple of years ago where Age of Autism (I could be wrong that, but a big group) tried to put a PSA about how bad vaccines were on movie screens. We have a small chain of "art" movie theaters out here in Los Angeles called Arclight. Well, I and a few others wrote them not to do it (using the form letter that worked with a couple of other chains), and they wrote me back that "there are opinions on both sides of the issue of vaccines, and the "science" of how vaccines might be dangerous should be shared so everyone can make an informed opinion." Obviously, you did a better job than I did. :) Hopefully, her comments don't show up someplace else.
Kylie, I think that the point here is that Scrayen pretended to be a medical practitioner, when she most certainly isn't. If she thinks a bottle of water can cure rectal cancer, and not urge her "patient" to seek other advice, just in case, then she is guilty of depraved indifference to human life. That is a crime. Scrayen is, at a minimum, guilty of gross unethical behavior. In either case, she should be charged with a felony and tossed in prison for as long as the Australian legal system can keep her. I do not know or understand the British/Australian legal system with regards to free speech. In the US, as long as we don't call Scrayen a murderer (which I'll assume she isn't), and if we use public information, we're mostly safe. You should read up on Stanislaw Burzynski and his clinic. He tried to suppress bloggers. That didn't go over well. And since Australian courts don't have a shot at getting to me here, I'm going to call out Francine Scrayen as an unethical homeopath (kind of redundant) who had a depraved view of human life.
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Apr 5, 2012