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If it is any comfort, I knew all along. I knew - if by nothing else - simply by the clear red flag that an indictment cannot be hundreds (thousands, actually) of pages long. If a "criminal act" takes that long to explain, it probably isn't one. That's your first red flag, and for anybody who questions, it is clear that the cases brought forward by the conservative/liberal then-pro-AKP prosecutors were fantastical. How can a legal system be undermined so successfully? I am not sure, but I think that being "so many years" old worked to the system's disadvantage. It had not evolved, it was not changing at all. Maybe there is an "optimal pace of evolution and progress" and the legal system in Turkey had fallen behind that. Or maybe sometimes institutions collapse when they appear to be the strongest. At some point, there is simply not enough people left in the system who believe in the system. Up until that point, everything looks great from the outside. Case in point is East Germany:
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Oct 28, 2015