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The Brindi case is VERY different from the Brampton case - the Brampton case is about BSL and the Brindi case is about a dog owner who systematically and habitually failed to follow the conditions over and over that Animal Control asked her to comply with - and her dog is now paying the ultimate price - although the judge in the case is probably going to rule so that the dog does NOT die because she does realize that the dog is not in fact dangerous and it is in fact the owner who is the negligent one. You said in your post about this story that "we seem to be way to trigger-happy on this continent to kill dogs for minor skirmishes" - this is definitely not a case where this has happened - this is a case where the owner consistently did not comply and had run-in after run-in with Animal Control until they were forced to seize her dog. She may tell you otherwise - but that is in fact the case. People locally know that - but she's been able to convince the international community otherwise.
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Mar 5, 2010