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Sindre Benonisen
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Knowing multiple languages is something i admire and aspire to do myself. I know 2 languages by heart, and a third well enough to read and understand. But for a european thats not really much i guess. I think the dutch and swiss usually speak 4 or more fluently? And for those who would grief on you for beeing able to speak good english i'm just going to agree with you that they are losers. Anyone who looks down on someone for beeing good at something doesn't deserve respect from anyone. When it comes to learning other languages i think tv, movies and books is a good way to do it. Scandinavians for instance, i think one of the reasons they are so good at english is because they don't dub anything there. Both TV and Movies are shown in their original language no matter where it's from. Best Regards
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Apr 8, 2011