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Quick, Ghost it Alex! I'm off to the VC chaps in the morning. And to follow will be my best-selling business memoirs, penned on said keep the money trickling in and keep me in fuel. Bloody gas guzzlers, these yachts!
love this campaign, such a clever way to interact and engage with an audience in real-time. At our recent conference, one of the audience asked whether creativity in advertising was all about real people these days, thus rendering 'creative' campaigns redundant. I had just seen this campaign and thought it was a great example of how you can still use 'creative' characters, yet have genuine, real-time dialogue and interaction with an audience via multi media. Never got to make the point in real life...microphone was too far away... Oh and is it embarassing to admit to voting in the current BT ad campaign? 'Adam and Jane's What happens next....You decide.
I rarely tweet as I don't feel comfortable publishing in public a personal stream of consciousness. So telling people where I'm currently located isn't something I'm going to rush into anytime soon. However, I think we all appreciate that real-time location based services and insight is the way forward. To borrow Stephen Fry's analogy - whether Foursquare is the John the Baptist or Jesus Christ of geo location services is anyones guess. But it does seem to be heading in the right direction. As Kevin Kelly says, the trade-off in the personalisation of data and services offered by the web is our personal transparency. Uncomfortable to begin with but perhaps an inevitability. The great thing about this is, that surely there will be a whole industry dedicated to 'Ghosting' - services dedicated to hiding your personal life and profile from the cloud. We may have missed the job board and real-time social services wave but surely we can make our millions here? Who's with me?
yes Alex, I submitted my post and automatically felt guilty about refering to Jesus as the big JC....
Toggle Commented Jan 29, 2010 on The iPad - a Friday kinda look at Digital Recruiting
I like Stephen Fry's analogy of the iPad and the first iphone as being John the Baptist - paving the way for the big JC.
Toggle Commented Jan 29, 2010 on The iPad - a Friday kinda look at Digital Recruiting
Looks like the career mash-up has started. I guess the creative industry is the natural industry to start showcasing/merging your professional portfolio with your career aspirations. Beta version of a creative showcasing and job search site.
Toggle Commented Jan 25, 2010 on Mash-Up my Career at Digital Recruiting
Interesting post. I think the sentiment of the article is interesting - in terms of whether young people will be loyal to sites such as Facebook and will they and their friendship circles be so ingrained in this platform that it becomes a long-term, lifetime 'social utility' that they use. It's a valid point to consider, but her OTT quote about media financiers being 'shattered' by the 15 year-old Morgan Stanley twitter revelation, somewhat dilutes any impact of her ponderings. My school friends are still the basis of my closest friendship group - but I know a lot of people have lost touch with school friends and are closer to Uni friends. Will Facebook mean that young people will have friends/contacts for life or will they move on, leave school friends behind, who are now part of their current network, form new friendships and join new social networks? Hmmn....only time will tell.
Gents, thanks for putting me back on track and you're right, pink it is. One sugar or two my prince? Jo, I couldn't resist.
Toggle Commented May 29, 2009 on What Women Want at Digital Recruiting
I'm loving the former editor (2002-2009) Veronica Wadley's views on the new 'Sorry' campaign...yikes what a diatribe! has obviously touched a raw nerve. check it out at link below. Her parting comment is particularly amusing on the new editor Geordie Grieg and a reference to the paper being owned by a Russian. 'As for Geordie Greig, well, Etonians have a history of collaborating with the KGB."