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Singh Ashish K
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Hi Bob, Yesterday I read the cover article of Time magazine April 19,2010. It clearly reflects the importance of education. The concern all over America and also the World is degradation of Values, the basic unit of education. Education is beyond a social system. It is a thought, a trigger that changes the world. Gandhi's autobiography ends with seeking "Ahimsa in mind, word and deed". It is just one Value that he followed all his life and could fight the mighty British empire. My favorite Hollywood movie is "Seven", the 1995 Oscar winner for best film. It so nicely shows how not giving enough thought to our daily chores we end up ruining our lives. Sole purpose of education is to prevent degradation of Values and enable basic Values like Love, Peace, Knowledge, Strength, Health, Happiness and Truth in thought, word and deed. I completely agree with your take on the Teacher Union's in US. A good teacher is one who is most selfless. On the other hand a good learner is one who takes the best from bad instances. Time magazine showed how Fryer having flunked a College Calculus test finished his Degree in 2.5 years. So it is just a small trigger that makes a man do great things. And the only purpose of education is to give thoughts a right direction. I am working on an online tool where anyone can design courses based on essential triggers of health and growth. This could also mean using the tool to design a curriculum for self or my child. Nothing may change but the intention is to ensure that education is not limited to schooling. Please refer to my site ( if interested. I would love to share the details if you could provide me with a contact email id. Regards, Ashish.
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Apr 20, 2010