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South St. Paul
I am simple, except when I'm complicated.
Interests: music, the occult, dreaming, stars, pornography, writing, cheesecake, wax, rope, pin-ups, feeling naughty, that look in your eyes, the way you make me feel, the arcane, black stockings, ball gags, floggers, paddles, the transcendent, the obscure, stiletto heels. but that's not all. order of importance is based on context, though i carry those things with me at all times.
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This post is exactly right.
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May 29, 2010
As in the best they are! And as always I am mindful of the maxim: Be careful, lest in casting out your demons, you cast out the best that is in you.
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I want to exorcise the demons who tell me relentlessly to give up. They tell me I will not be a good father. They tell me I will loose my friends. They tell me I will get fired from my jobs.... Continue reading
Posted Jan 25, 2010 at Black As My Soul
Not for me. Not the kind you make on the first of January. But I do believe in starting again, as many times as it takes. Continue reading
Posted Jan 3, 2010 at Black As My Soul
I just wish I could take credit for more if it. I found, cropped and edited the photo in the banner and I've chosen some of the basic colors. Over all, I'm pleased with the result, but I have to hand it to the template designer and to TypePad for bringing good features.
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I like it when they change from soft to hard, under my tongue.
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Doesn't get old. Not at all.
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That is good and right. I personally do not fetishize begging, but it has a place. Sometimes I demand it. Other times I ignore it. But how I react to it is certainly about the moment and the context. Begging can be done with the eyes and expression and body language every bit as effectively as with language. Variety is a wonderfully flavorful spice.
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I'm found of both the Native American view of Crow and Raven as well as the old Norse view. Since I live one one continent with heritage from another, I am mindful of both outlooks.
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Here's a page that isn't exactly ready for prime time, but lists my email address:
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Nov 7, 2009
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Nov 6, 2009
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Nov 6, 2009
It definitely takes work for me to get there and to stay there. It hasn't become a habit, yet.
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It can be done. Though it requires patience. Lust must overcome anxiety. Need must overcome fear. After there is only the moment, after the the intimacy of the now, I don't understand why I have to fight so hard to get... Continue reading
Posted Oct 12, 2009 at Black As My Soul
I will grant that there is a huge difference between fictional sex and reality. This is the allure of erotica. Real encounters can include urgency, awkwardness, inexperience, selfishness, and failure. Of course, that can all happen in erotica, too. But, in erotica, it happens in a good way. :D
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I have been a huge fan of Laurell Hamilton. The intersection of sex and the supernatural is very powerful, and everything that happens seems to have an edge of sexy. I do very much enjoy a sexy story.
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Welcome! I think that a good writer is pretty invisible--and should be able to leave you clueless about the writer's sex, gender, or preferences. With intent and skill, the story and characters should transport you. Though there is certainly nothing wrong with a personal preference for a certain type of writing.
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I miss the popular posts stat from the beta. The list of top 10 referrers was a nice touch as well.
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Thanks! I really did try to be reductionist, extrapolating to most men, most of the time. There are, I'm certain, notable exceptions with regard to fetishes and edgier play. I'm quite sure now that men are not just the simple animals we've been lead to believe that we are. But yes, we do seem to have a very visible indicator of desire.
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I think control is a factor that I didn't name but could be implied (author) or inferred (reader) in erotica for men. I think control dovetails nicely with other elements, especially where manipulation causes the desired reaction in the partner/other. This is a fuzzier one for me, though. Control could exist on a spectrum from "Things are happening to me that I really like" to "I am pulling all of the strings--nothing happens unless it happens for me." Or, as the reader, are you in a sense always in control as you choose to engage the experience? I would suggest, though, that there is some stuff happening in the "Id" that we haven't fully dealt with as a culture or a species. I'm still trying to puzzle it out. There is a lot of talk about sub-space as it pertains to the experience of submissives or bottoms. I would suggest that there is a form of catharsis or satiation achieved as a dom or a top that is completely separate from the need for sexual pleasure or orgasm.
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I think you could point to a lot of fiction that does not have those elements written, but I believe this where the reader goes.
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I would agree completely, in the sense that self-discovery and further self-expression based on those discoveries can be brutally difficult. But if it's worth having, then it's worth the try. Otherwise it's a collection of words that *could* be arousing, but I fear it would be like much porn, where lines are repeated dryly and become ironic. A person's joy is worth more, and so should cost more.
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