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For me, not getting pickpocketed is about not looking like an easy target. I know that a talented pickpocket will get my stuff, just like a talented thief will get past my security system at home. I'm the designated family camel on trips. Therefore, I'm always carring a backpack for rain jackets, water bottles, etc. One trick that I use is a combination-type luggage lock to lock the zippers closed on my backpack. Mildly inconvienient to get into when I want to get something out/put something in, but very secure. I'll carry a few small bills in my pockets for gelato, etc. An alternative is to use D-rings (like climbers use for their ropes). Not as secure, but more convenient. Again, my whole strategy is for a pickpocket to look at me and the tourist next to me and decide that he's the easier target. Sorry if you're the guy next to me on my next trip!
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Jul 30, 2012