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Oh, I relate! My oldest (now 7) has major texture issues. Nothing too creamy or smooth. But nothing too chunky, either. There was a period of time where she pretty much lived on mac & cheese. (which I find disgusting). We also had the "taste it" rule, which I do think works/helps. She eats a lot more now, and when she'd taste things she'd suddenly discover that they were good. Really. She was eating her one bite of soup one night, we looked away, looked back and the entire bowl was gone. And she told us how good it was. And my youngest (5) daughter will eat anything. In particular, veggies! She LOVES broccoli, carrots, green beans... Same house. Different kids. And yes, we're TRULY evil- we do the whole reward thing with desserts. (mostly popsicles) You try everything on your plate and we'll give you a popsicle. The only real encouragement I give parents is to have them try everything. It does help in the long run.
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Mar 13, 2011