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Mike Siroky
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There were others who came and went after Uncle Bobby (in the midafternoons). One guy who I cannot remember was very pro-Sosa and was working on a Sammy song for each home run, so that was the time frame. And spike was backed up for awhile before when they gave Ian Punnett(sp?) a drive-time shot. Ian is now part of Coast to Coast overnight. The ... See Morelineup which included Al and/or Ed was dumped radically as well. Al is still on the air in Texas. Ed was a TV weather guy until recently. When Chicago Ed disappeared off overnights, a legend was ended Radio is ever changing, trying to catch the wave. Listeners will always say that's it. But it isn't. Spike is no more a legendary spokesman than a lucky guy with a pleasant voice who inherited a shift that had been stellar. He made loads of money, enough to retire, before suddenly disliking the paymaster. He ain't returning his retirement check. He doesn't dislike them that much. As for his alleged nonpartisanship. If anyone thinks he wasn't Republican, they didn't listen very long. Like Uncle Bobby proved, there wasn't anything wrong with being truthful. After all, Uncle Bobby signed off his broadcast before the Clinton election predicting George I would still pull it off. By the way, previous poster Mary Condon, Kathy and Judy are each still on the payroll at WGN. They were not fired. This all nothing new. WGN will remain the Talk of Chicago. It still has the Cubs and pre-set dials. Mine included.
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Jan 24, 2010