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That said,,I would rather have mexicans here & give them legal status & have them pay double taxes than any ISLAMIC invaders. How obscene that Americans ,including veterans are priced OUT of housing & are homeless & we let the moslems victimized sy Saudi Terrorists.
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I live in NJ & have 35 yrs, exp. as a cook.Around 2007 & after I was fired /laid off from 3 country clubs in the Hunterdon co.Area,,I speak mexicano & talked w all the help,,NONE of those Country Clubs ,including Trumps uses E-Verify. That is because they want to pay as little as possible.They mostly hire illegal aliens from Mexico & Costa Rica w KNOWN fake I.D. including false tags on their cars/trucks.Some had licenses some didnt they ALL drove anyway. TRUMP is really smart at telling potential voters what they WANT to hear. DON'T believe him.
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Sep 21, 2015