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Strategist and Expeditor for Virtual Worlds Projects in Business, Music, Tourism Arts
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Aug 24, 2011
@Wagner; Hi! I might add that Cameron and the other members of the Ozimals team, whom I met at SLCC (Bristle and Candy), rock! Cheers! : ) Site
1. One reason NOT to use SL, when at a live conference, is that, well, it is live and there are lots of things going on to distract and engage you. 2. One reason TO use SL when at a live conference is to oblige your Kind Generous Track Leader *ahem* who asks you to take comments and questions from the SL audience to feed to the RL speaker. I don't want to brag about any one track *COMMERCE&MARKETING* but we had Kind Generous Live Attendees in my room who did that for our speakers and we all appreciated that VERY much. 3. And if you want to reach out with YOUR commentary to your Remote Audience, like Wagner, well, like he said, it's faster and easier to post directly by social media, which usually work OK even on slow hotel public wireless. Welcome to the expanding set of tools and channels for human creative expression!
I read the new Product Team contact list as the Lab's take on what I call, economic mega-regions, and what the Lab calls, economic participation. These have been identified for the real world since 2001 but are still being articulated for the virtual world. More on this later but slides are available now, and video recordings next week, for the presentations from this year's SLCC Commerce & Marketing Track that address these issues. The real and virtual worlds are changing as a new vision is forming, and it is not comfortable for many of us. It is becoming essential to be fluent in, not just aware of or literate about, economic distinctions and predictors of success. SLCC 2011 – The Future of Commerce in Second Life by Jeff Vogt – SL Vogt Linden SLCC 2011 – How SL Businesses and Non-Profits Work Together for a Mutually Beneficial Relationship in Second Life by Jeff Montegut – SL Stingray9798 Rayma SLCC 2011 - The Creative Economy In Second Life by James Neville - SL Sitearm Madonna SLCC 2011 – Destination Guide and Beyond New SL Promotional Channels Today – by Brett Atwood – SL Brett Linden SLCC 2011 – Capital Exchange Stock Market Simulation Game by Carmen Dubaldi – SL Skip Oceanlane SLIDES: VIDEO RECORDINGS:
@Wagner; Another excellent summary! @Arcadia; Hi! I am dittoing and adding to your excellent comment as follows... ARACADIA SAYS: "But there are many, many others [applications] where the best tool for the job is a humble prim." SITE ADDS: Ditto Ditto Ditto! (<- likes to play with blocks) Plus, I don't know HOW to do anything fancier than prims and terraform files *wails* ARCADIA SAYS: "...the viewer needs a robust 3D modeling and texturing package built in." SITE ADDS: That was my question at the keynote. Rod's reply was, basically, "we're aware of that opportunity but we are prioritized until further notice on increasing usability and reducing lag" (*sigh* - can't argue with that ; ) ARCADIA SAYS: "...'free' can drive some pretty compelling revenue streams." SITE ADDS: Rod mentioned that in the CEO KEYNOTE, and Durian mentioned that in the PRODUCT TEAM KEYNOTE. My read is that the Lab is WEll aware of the major advantage that CONTENT-CREATION-BY-RESIDENTS gives SL over other 3D Web platforms. Further, when introducing the KNEPH GAME PROTOTYPE DEMO, they were exTREMEly careful to say that the project was to teach themselves, as Lindens, better what we resident builders go through in making stuff, so that they, as Lindens, have a better feel where to tweak and adjust and provide more tool options to improve the developer experience. In other words, the Lab is NOT going into the content development business ; )
@Wagner; Excellent summary and thank you! I will add that Rod has a Brit accent, a nicely wry sense of humor, and that he is in SL search as "Rodvik Linden." Hearing Rod(vik)'s keynote live and introducing myself afterward in the queue were my first chances to get a personal impression. I am, as others have said, very encouraged. More than that: there were a total of 23 Linden Lab Staff attending, only a third of whom were on presentations and panels. My favorite quote from one staffer at the lunch table was,“We [all 23 of us] CHOSE to be here.” In other words, Residents and Lindens are eager and ready to reconnect. I think this conference has been the kick start for that reconnecting to happen. SLCC 2011 has been a good experience for Live and Remote, and Resident and Linden attendees. Kudos to AvaCon and Linden Lab!
Heh heh - the narrator is Nat. I am trYIng to convince Nat to extend Given Time by simulcasting its real world presence (which reflects virtual SL avatars into real exhibit space) back into SL as a further reflection of real into virtual space. You know: create a new kind of recurring reflection related to but beyond standing between two mirrors, or having a video camera aimed at the video screen to which it is projecting. That kind of reflection can lead to burnout or breakthrough, take your pick. Like the old Star Trek episode where Kirk defeats the Evil AI by telling it "This statement is a lie." It'll kill you or transcend you. Nat's always coming up with weird - um I mean contemporary, innovative - concepts like this. He's a heck of an artist, teacher, and leader; and he's also hands-on practical (witness his ability to whip together a few PC chasses, projectors, not to mention custom SL avatar skins).
Is it wrong that Pappy's articles are the only reason I come back for more?
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Jan 28, 2010